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Fdata is a high-tech group company, which has a variety of industries, including international IoT ODM projects, Android POS terminals, self-service kiosks, communication terminals, healthcare electronics, and investment etc.

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7 inch Smart Android POS system terminal

7 inch Smart POS Terminal

Smart portable Android touchscreen mPOS terminal, integrated with secure wireless network, NFC, MSR card, QR code mobile payment.

Dual Display POS System

Android dual displays of multiple-size touchscreen units for great customer experience, and able to connect with multiple extended peripherals.

Self -Checkout Kiosk

Touchscreen self-service terminal for multiple usages of restaurant, supermarket checkout, ticketing machine, and public information service kiosk.

VoIP Video Telephone

Android advanced touch screen  HD video VoIP telephone for enterprise superfast network connection internet teleconferencing

Saftey Screening System

Biometric face recognition camera system and fever temperature screening terminal for the management of employee’s attendances and visitors

Rugged tablet pc for patient healthcare

Rugged Tablet PC for Patient

Accurately collect data, maximize workflow efficiency, and speed up lines at alternative care sites treating high volumes of patients.

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