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Fdata Co., Ltd. is a Chinese robot lawn mower and robot manufacturer specializing in innovative robot platforms and custom robot lawn mower hardware and software development. We commit to providing professional, innovative, high-quality, and efficient industrial customized robot services to global customers.

Fdata offers customized robot solutions, including robot lawn mower without perimeter wire, Robot Chassis, Warehouse & Logistics Robots, Delivery Robots, Robotic Shopping carts, etc. All of our robots are modularly designed, which is easy and fast to meet customers specific requirements.

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Feature Products

Robot Chassis

DIY\ LiDAR SLAM and Visual SLAM\Obstacles Avoidance\Anti-skid

Indoor Delivery Robot

Self-charging\ Elevator Communication\ Obstacles Avoidance\Antiskid

Retail Robot

Barcode scanning\ Shopping guide\ Scan to pay\ Smart follow

Hotel Robot

Luggae transportation \Locationg guidance\Autonomous follow\Smart cheeck in

Disinfect Robot

Medical supplies distribution\UV disinfection\Spray sterilization

Warehouse Robot

Cargo picking, handling and delivery\Man-machine coordinated operation\ Path planing

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Why select us

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