170000 face data were sold, brush face pay triggered heated debate!

by:Fdata     2020-05-23
With the sustained, rapid development of economy and the rapid popularization of smart phones, China's electronic payment industry rapid development, for electronic payment rely on consumers, not only promoted the rapid growth of the electronic payment equipment needs, but also promote the development of face recognition technology. Brush with face paid is as far as the eye can see more and more applied in people's various life scenes, brush face whether payment security topic has become people's most attention. Concerns about the safety of brush face payment mainly comes from two aspects: one is facial recognition technology to gather face feature information, collection of face feature information can be protected by security, whether they be abused? Second, face recognition technology on unreliable? People can go brush my money? In the face of people concern about the safety of brush face pay, pay treasure, WeChat emergency voice, facial information abuse said would never happen, also won't appear in software breakthroughs in face recognition, face brush face payment is safe. Image: but the latest reports of city network, 170000 face data are sold, after the news came out after pupils open the abundant nest with photo caused a lot of net friend of hot again! It is understood that there are merchants sell public face data, article number about 170000. In the business of commodity information as you can see, these faces data covering the portrait of 2000 people, everyone about 50 to 100 photos. In addition, each photograph collocation is a data file, in addition to human face location information, and the face of 106 key points, such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and eyebrows of contour information, etc. Can be seen from the above data, consumer security concerns are not unfounded. But from the perspective of the development of long-term, face recognition technology although loophole, data security issues, but still can issue for the future development of face recognition technology, along with the development of technology, these problems can eventually be resolved. Image: the network it is worth mentioning that brush face commercial applications without the rule of law abroad upon his staff. Experience shows that quite a number of Internet companies did not as the claim, put the user privacy in important position. Face data is living, once was leaked or illegally provide or abuse, not only infringes the user's privacy and personality rights, and may even be outlaws used for fraud and other criminal activities. At present, a facial recognition technology ethics, legal norms of the industry and regulatory standards, has become a common expectation of the whole society. Face recognition technology is convenient for all walks of life, promote the development of social informatization, the away due to security risks, isolate factually. Believe that the visible hand of the government supervision, the Internet enterprise self-discipline invisible hand, face recognition technology can better come into our lives.
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