2019, brush brush face to pay the first year, in the future, face can replace qr code payment? The answer is yes

by:Fdata     2020-06-25
In 2019, the development of the technology and application update iteration, let people by surprise. 5 g technology, brush face pay into, and none of the first year of commercial self-help mode gradually become accustomed to people. In 2020, is the beginning of the next decade. In a rapidly changing s, brush face pay development status? In the future, brush face can replace qr code payment? First of all let us come back the payment industry's development. From the pos machine to NFC payment to qr code and fingerprint payment, and then to today's brush face to pay, pay institutions as suppliers, as is the role of the initiative to create demand, has brought immeasurable value. Brush now face paying promotion use is not only pay the technology innovation, also profoundly change the social life, for users, businesses, and society as a whole has brought great value and super experience. From the user's perspective, the brush face pay more convenient and quick, in the process of payment, no need for mobile phones and cash as payment medium. This new payment pay good experience setting the user not only, but also greatly improve the working efficiency, favored by more and more users. According to investigation, 38. Pay 6% of the respondents think brush face main advantage is high intelligent degree, other accounts for higher pay no advantages include medium so as to avoid mobile phone no electricity, forgot to pay, and reduce the payment time, new experiences, etc. From the point of view of businesses, brush face payment assigned to business operation and development. Payment process is concise, can improve efficiency of cashier, reduce crowding stores hold team, stores can accommodate more passengers, saving the operating costs. Data show that brush face pay the product application, improve performance significantly for stores day-to-day operations. Among them, the brush face pay for customer experience ascension is most obvious, 94 respectively. 4% and 89. 6% of dealers said after the access to brush face payment product, its shops customers line up the efficiency and customers are improved. From a social perspective, efficient brush face payment can save social time cost, enhances the working efficiency of the whole society. In addition, the brush face pay the second generation id card and the security database, positioning to specific individuals, the widespread application of brush face pay is conducive to the improvement of the social credit system. It is worth mentioning that brush face payment industrial chain form initial shape, began to spur social employment. Led to brush a face hardware manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, camera manufacturers, Internet installation, after-sales maintenance and a series of new industry a new career, pay treasure to brush a face area alone, directly or indirectly led to at least 500000 people and jobs. But we can see how things are in the process of developing a good side and bad side. In the early stage of the industry development opportunities and risks coexist must exist. 42. 0% of the respondents think brush face the problem of low success rate of payment may be, 39. 0% of users concern about personal information leakage, unauthorized from a distance, and so on and so forth. Although brush face has the superiority compared with other payment way, but because the development time is shorter, in terms of technology and application promotion still has room to improve. So, in the future, brush face to pay the development of and how, can replace the qr code to pay? The answer is yes! The reasons are the following: first, China's payment of innovation has been in the no man's land, as the most important payment service provider, alipay, WeChat responsibility and obligation, more motivated to start a new payment. Second, qr code must not be in the future the main payment way, as to what is it? No one knows, but it is also explores the meaning of brush face to pay. Third, only change the track, pay treasure to pay can not be WeChat eating into the market share, and have the chance to crush WeChat pay again. If the Spring Festival gala red envelopes were paid WeChat Pearl Harbor, then brush face pay may be likely to be paying treasure to d-day. Throughout the history of the payment industry, there is no way will become mainstream. In 2019 was known as the brush face pay first, brush face pay has gradually been the prospect of development of the market, this is mainly from users, businesses, and society to drive the three levels. Take highland who can compete in the market,, who can win the market!
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