2020 brush face pay market opportunity and value!

by:Fdata     2020-05-23
Why pay more and more people are added to the brush face project, to brush a face what kind of charm pay how? Li ka-shing once said: when a new things, only 5% of the people know, be sure to do, do is early head start; When already has 50% of the people know, you have to do is make a consumer; When more than 50% of the people know, you don't see at all! The rich more than the average person is an action, when a new business opportunities, you don't, someone will always do, you don't understand, there is always someone to understand, and you do not lack the rich business opportunities, but the first to know and action first. When a business opportunity is already full avenue knows that, when the opportunity is no longer called business opportunities, the competition is fierce, want to succeed more difficult. 2011 years ago, people pay to sweep yards concepts are not very clear, only a few people know what is qr code. On July 1, 2011, pay treasure to officially launched the phone APP qr code to pay bills, to enter the offline payment market in China. August 5, 2013, tencent official launch WeChat 5. 0 version, opens the WeChat qr code payment mode. Since then people will grow to know that what is qr code, but in 2013, most people did not accept the qr code to pay, think not secure enough. This is the idea of ordinary people, will only think about whether this will hurt their own interests, and less than 1% of people know this is a business opportunity, less than 0. 5% of people see business opportunities and action, become an official provider of alipay, WeChat, vigorously promote qr code. The first to see business opportunities, through competition and elimination, ultimately occupy a piece of the sky in the field of mobile payment, by the large water yield of daily, is simply an enviable. Now, brush face of pay, a will replace the scan code payment has been paid, but were yet to be known as the project, is just a business opportunities. Yes, brush face pay is an opportunity, a market with billions of business opportunities, in the field of the existing mobile payment, sweep yards pay to dominate, brush face pay has only just begun. See alipay, WeChat in succession, brush face pay market rushed to grab, you'll see the giant for the opportunity to be missed. Today's market, but history is part of the same people to action, become the business opportunities and most people when it is well known in hindsight, dare not action can only be dry eye chan. Now business opportunities, understand the market people understand seize market opportunities, of course. That is why so many people promotion business partner site reasons, because they see business opportunities. Brush face pay has many advantages for businesses, with the official heavily promoted, brush face pay will gradually replace qr code as the mainstream of payment. And now is the brush face to pay dividends, seize the opportunity to win the future.
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