2020 brush face payment status

by:Fdata     2020-05-08
There is data to prove that brush face equipment is better than qr code promotion, safer than he, high-tech than he, better than he. 711 south China store, three months, the use of brush face pay user growth exceeded the sweep from cash to code a year of growth. Mass is very willing to accept new technology, no longer stuck in the past. Brush face pay promotion speed probably promote faster than sweep code to pay more than four times. To promote the cause of the fast mainly reflects in, be paid users of amway qr code, accept the brush face pay will get easier. From cash to scan code, the user habit is difficult to develop, so many people accustomed to cash, qr code doesn't feel safe, and there are many dangerous people listen to rumors, user security is missing. Many businesses are passive to accept new things. Etc. With more people and businesses will face brush machine installation, like when esau qr code, to a certain time there will be a blowout. For businesses and consumers, brush face pay is a kind of a win-win situation. Pay treasure and WeChat payment under the promoting of brush face fresh force has gradually become mobile payment industry. Brush face paid largely save the labor cost of merchants. Retail sales rising labor costs become merchants need to solve the biggest pain points. However, the introduction of artificial intelligence to brush face equipment, a face brush machine is equal to 1. Five checkout lanes, equivalent to a day 3 the cashier. Brush face pay greatly save the time cost of users. Ordinary the cashier check, for example, 10 items users need to 56 seconds to complete the payment, and only 3 seconds to brush a face pay. The horse dad's eyes still is advanced, and supermarkets, no hotel hangzhou already online, also don't know what he had in Africa is good, he left the first N days, want to him. Brush face pay member applies in the present how to use the competition mechanism to revitalize the old customers. In the face of this part of the demand, the traditional membership card is hard to meet the needs of businesses, while AI brush face member caught the wave of new market dividend. In the industry of brush face to pay, pay agency is suppliers, the demand side is to businesses and consumers. For alipay, WeChat, whether for the purpose of the competition and future development, there are all sorts of reason to push brush face for iterative qr code.
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