2020 brush face payment status quo and trend analysis

by:Fdata     2020-06-25
2011 - In 2018, the number of Chinese mobile payment users increased year by year, the China Internet network information center released the 44th of the China Internet network development state statistic report data show that as of June 2019, China's online pay user size 6. 3. 3 billion, a growth in 32. 65 million at the end of 2018, 74 of netizens as a whole. 1%; Mobile phone network pay user scale up to 6. 2. 1 billion, a growth in 37. 88 million at the end of 2018, 73 of mobile Internet users. 4%. Data shows that users mainly the use of brush face pay life scenes, there are 40 respectively. 2% and 36. 8% of users convenience store and use super shopping in the supermarket. Represented by brush face pay new payment mode by further improve the efficiency and security, users pay is spread quickly from life scenes, along with the gradually into the 5 g commercial era, brush face payment application is expected to be more extensive. 2019 brush face pay roll out more quickly in the market, pay treasure, pay two WeChat head platform to speed up the pace of development in this field. Launched in March 2019, WeChat brush face payment tool frog, in September 2019, pay treasure to brush a face pay dragonfly upgrade 3 equipment. 0 version. With the development of face recognition technology become more mature, brush face pay more stable compared with other forms of payment interaction. Has faster recognition speed and accuracy, positive impact to businesses and users alike. Brush the face is a subversive payment the new revolution of the industry, in this wisdom pay 4. Under the age of 0, before all the payment will be a complete reversal. From 1. 0 era of cash to as ascension along with the social economy as a whole, carry cash form gradually cannot satisfy the majority of consumer demand, 2. The era was born. Is the charge time to December 8, 2004, pay treasure, in the same year officially launched on December 30 independent operation on March 4, 2014, tencent announced WeChat payment interface end closed. Two giants successively into grabbing money mode. 3. 0 yards age began, in a few short years, sweep code set up household payment way, very popular. Sweep in the code, however, payment has just become the habit of everyone, 4. The era to brush knocked at the door face pay technology was born! Big businesses into the first pilot. Brush face pay main pilot is now large businesses, such as the application of supermarkets, chain stores, and with the development of the brush face pay, more areas will be gradually popularized in the future. Heat up the market. With brush face to pay in the market for the first time landed, the pilot and commercial heat rising market, whether WeChat and pay treasure to help promote brush face pay, operators, agents and more practitioners are beginning to pay attention to brush a face. Technology mature. Brush face pay commercial benefits from the development of artificial intelligence, technology is mature. Security be a focus. Brush face can pay high precision to identify consumers face, whether can effectively avoid all kinds of recognition error, financial security problems, has become the focus of industry, but with the brush face payment put into use in the large supermarket, obviously security issues is not very prominent. Pay WeChat and pay treasure to brush the face, the early main is applied to large businesses, with future WeChat and pay treasure to the threshold of the release, brush face pay more popular, such as KTV, hotels, restaurants and so on can be used to brush face. Big data fusion. Merchants can brush face pay proposal consumer data model, the precipitation consumers, becoming the marketing, advertising, contact, through the brush face payment system, can analyze the consumer age, gender, price and category, etc. , set up the crowd, making a big data integration and analysis. More pay integration scenarios. In the future, the aggregate payment will not only involves the merchants and convenience store credit, more scenes will be popular, such as entrance card, railway stations, hospitals, wisdom, hotel and so on.
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