2020 investment brush face how to pay? If the load is both not?

by:Fdata     2020-08-12
Internet industry, did not make you a place, now there are a lot of companies are doing brush face pay, have strength better, also has the strength in general, more is a liar, for all kinds of fees, as long as you pay the agency fee, no matter you directly. Brush face pay this industry, seize these points can be very good to avoid into the pit. 1, can I pay in WeChat website and alipay website in check to receive his bullish on service, this is a very important point. 2, oneself have the ability, on-the-spot investigation about the company, have to see if the company has already fell to the ground. ( Be born is whether the company has been promoting market, is there any serious in reality to the marketing) 3, the agency cost, see if pyramid model, if it is a pyramid selling immediately around. 4, the company's strategy, this strategy can not allow to join agent faster recover costs so as to achieve the profit, it is very important for everyone. 5, of course, what industry is risky investment, go out to work is physical and mental work investment, go out to do a small business investment is cost and manpower, brush face to pay this project also is same, cannot lay down at home can accept money, still have to go out to do the market. 6, the industry did not say how much to buy how many devices, tuen beside himself such a claim, as some companies directly to let you buy how much and how many devices, can block them directly. Formal company, is you and businesses, after settled the submission website backstage after authorization, head office will send Courier directly to the store, do not need the chariot equipment, please a little more attention should be paid to, let you equipment is a liar. The Internet industry, is a rapid promotion of fast fission an industry, the load is both not, that's right, perhaps in you before you know it you side streets filled with brush face equipment.
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