2020, meet the best wisdom canteen!

by:Fdata     2020-06-24
Changing seasons, the four seasons change, 2020 is coming. For wisdom dining industry, is doomed to be a remarkable year in 2019, for full treasure, is the most worth remembering a year in 2019. It witnessed the sustainable development of full treasure, thrive, including technological innovation, improve product value, service, full always treasure in the first line can assign a group meal industry informationization upgrade! The future in the future, we need to review on the whole, 2019, and always believe that live in the present moment, to control the future. 2019 industry keywords brush face of settling speed, since 2014, by the full treasure to advocate the wisdom of the dining room started spin-offs, after six years of arduous struggle, wisdom dining room concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, has become a mass of meal information industry consensus. Grown up with wisdom canteen concept, a full face recognition repast solution is becoming more and more customers welcome, countless wisdom dinner canteen brush face terminal to the ground. Bid farewell to the meal card, have a meal all by a face, wisdom through full treasure dining room system, can quickly identify repast user identity, achieve the goal of fast settlement. There are no lines and cast top-up card card, farewell card failure, consumer cannot check, etc. 2019 key enterprises and institutions canteens canteen wisdom industry can also be subdivided into many scene: factories, hospitals, schools, government agencies. 。 。 。 。 。 Among them, the volume and distribution of the enterprises and the dining room most. 2019 aged treasure power in enterprises and the dining room market, has achieved a lot of achievements. Enterprises canteen meals fill the biggest characteristic is to a certain extent, consumption patterns are subsidized meals + accounts prepaid phone combination mode. Traditional catering management software is that there is no this kind of consumption, so the canteen to fine management, the best choice is the wisdom of the canteen system. 2019 industry keywords. Canteen integration wisdom dining room is not just a cashier system, it runs through the whole process of the canteen, enters sells saves from the supply chain, to the dining room management, include booking meal, take food, eating the whole link, wisdom canteen system is the dining room scene integration solutions, all of them, and both users demand, canteen, party a three aspects, let customer satisfaction, become a win-win basis. 2019 keywords new opportunities wisdom canteen industry after fermentation, the market has entered a rapid development period, full treasure through a variety of patent technology combined with the most advanced large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology, product iterations gradually accelerated, shortens the dining industry and social informatization gap dish. Although group meal industry is blue ocean, but always coexist opportunities and challenges. Keep sustained growth in high speed is the industry's biggest weaknesses, full treasure team through continuous grinding products, improve service, always keep the business continues to grow, the user population expanding, seize the opportunity, to achieve the new growth. 2019 industry keywords positioning, full treasure team deep influence group meal field for eight years, has been dedicated to wisdom canteen informatization, after years of hard work, has been leading group meal informationization development, the comprehensive to the intelligent transformation. Accurate positioning, continuous influence, make full treasure brand reputation, make full treasure team full of vitality. Full treasure group meal informationization one-piece solution provider, through a number of independent patent assignment can intelligent hardware with a powerful cloud services, implementation of enterprises and institutions, hospitals, schools, different formats, such as the dining room of procurement, production, sales, management analysis, etc. The whole process service management. By satisfying the omni-directional demand of different clients at operating group meal, full continuous power group meal industry high-speed development. Lead the group meal informatization development, full wisdom treasure not only improve the efficiency of the canteen, canteen system also promoted the canteen service quality. Future-oriented, full treasure is committed to building group meal ecological system, integrate the canteen supply chain upstream and downstream resources, authors bring effect to the canteen. In 2019 classic case review' Male 】 Ann Male Ann working wisdom dining room' State 】 China copper wisdom dining room' Bank 】 Suzhou wisdom canteen 【 province CCB The first 】 Beijing shares wisdom canteen 【 The civil aviation. The China civil aviation wisdom canteen 【 The bird's nest wisdom canteen 】 Brush face dining 【 China railway. China railway bridge wisdom canteen 【 treasure Concorde. Union medical college hospital wisdom dining room back in 2019, full treasure has been imitated, never been surpassed outlook 2020, we focus on professional, the service supremely well thanks to have you in the future
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