2020 perspective: brush face terminal equipment is expected to become a new entrance to the intelligent system

by:Fdata     2020-07-29
At the end of 2019, ai media consulting issued the 2019 China brush face payment technology applied social value research report, summarizes the brush face 2019 of development. According to the report, brush face pay user has reached 1. 1. 8 billion people, among them 7 into the user thinks, brush face pay than pay more secure password. Main brush is a delegate with alipay dragonfly face pay cash register use the 3 d structure light facial recognition technology and intelligent recognition algorithm, brush face pay can resist photos, video and 3 d mask. Brush face paying for food and beverage retail cashier efficiency, launch it and get through the member management, light, self-help cashier small program, the function such as cloud to pay, also promoted the food and beverage retail digital upgrade transformation, provide new operation mode. At zhongnan university of economics and executive director of digital economy research institute and Lin believes that the brush is face and code payment methods such as pay the difference and the place where. Hangzhou part of the hospital using alipay dragonfly brush face equipment, in addition to patient identification, can also get through public health insurance card. Patients after doctors visits, can brush face due to pay medical bills directly, without waiting in line, in addition to capture expends place again save time in the hospital for medical treatment, group for the elderly or disabled group is particularly convenient. Brush face to pay without having to pay media, don't have to pay cash, also can reduce the spread of bacteria throughout the hospital. In addition, pay treasure to dragonflies brush face equipment have authentication function, in the future is expected to become the intelligent system of intelligent hardware terminal entrance. Pay is used to brush a face, entrance guard, brush clock face, brush brush face face registered, validation, brush brush face face to take. Brush face into diverse scenarios. Alipay IOT Lin Shumin senior experts said, pay treasure to dragonflies brush face equipment can provide businesses and customers with a natural interaction experience, to connect people and equipment. At the same time, pay treasure to dragonflies brush face equipment can through a small program and instructions, connect to other hardware devices, such as id card reader, such as sweeping, connection and control implementation content and content, this is alipay dragonfly brush face equipment as one of the advantages of the Internet of things intelligent terminal entry. Different ISV service providers and developers also based on alipay dragonfly brush face equipment function expanding application scenario, the future will gradually build up a business ecological construction.
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