5 g + AI technology, bring a better user experience to brush a face pay, more diversified scene!

by:Fdata     2020-06-09
Big data + brush face pay + 5 g combination, will split out another gorgeous fireworks, brush face pay will again bring about another revolution of science and technology in the field of mobile payment. With the depth of 5 g network commercial and AI technology combination, 2019 payment will speed up towards the new era of brush face to pay. According to statistics, a face recognition in the future market size will remain around 20% growth rate. Thus, brush face to pay for a full-blown was just a matter of time. Quite a few people in the industry shows that some enterprises only accelerate brush face pay layout, can win in this round of new technology and the industrial revolution, the future markets, harvest traffic bonuses! For the industry into the era of face brush brush face technology after landing, with 5 g wave, will provide more precise and more perfect, more diverse forms of service and marketing scenario, its comprehensive application will bring more intelligent experience, for the enterprise will also indirectly lead to a new industry revolution, can play a real 5 g + AI fu. Sweep code can replace cash and credit card payment, is based on a more convenient payment experience, consumers only need to bring a mobile phone, mobile phone and code can perform a number of scenes in the form of payment from the many inconvenience to carry cash or bank card, reduce the risk of loss or theft, added to the user as the core paid experience! Has a set of custom service but pay code is relying too much on the phone this medium, the mobile phone forget and without power, is what to do. Based on this user pain points, brush face pay simply even forsake phone this medium, don't even need to pay input password, from the aspects of convenience and crush other payment; At the same time, on security, brush face pay using facial recognition technology, system identification degree is very high, up to the financial level, completely solve the code were risks of payment. On the payment benefit, brush face also has a lot of payment change; For example in supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls invoicing peak, consumers can use brush face pay for self-help pay way, no need to checkout queue, greatly improve the efficiency of the cashier, improve the circulating rate of shops. Brush brush face payment release billions of business opportunities face the growing popularity of the mode of payment, for the society as a whole, will be a disruptive experience. For consumers, the need to carry mobile phones, can brush face walked all over the world, namely greatly liberated to rely too much on pay media such as mobile phones. For merchants, achieve cost reduction and increased profits; Improving operation efficiency and service shop service ability, at the same time, help the store wisdom upgrade payment systems and iterative hardware equipment, powder, many small shops had to secondary marketing data source, and have targeted marketing. Brush brush face equipment in the future payment will be made by face to build, this is the trend of The Times, it is also a billionaire market opportunities, the former have alipay, WeChat pay, for unionpay, there are 5 g technology blessing to the network, it is an undisputed tuyere and huge market blue ocean, who can clairvoyance earlier market layout, who will get more strong times bonus. To sum up, through the shadow of the 5 g, we see a future in a more intelligent, and brush face pay for consumers, merchants and service providers,'s interest. In front of a huge market space, brush face pay beyond measure in the future, will become the era of pay a masters.
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