700 cc city tea 'take-out secure card' online, the guest as a cloud 'poly tower plan' and the enterprise through together!

by:Fdata     2020-05-08
During outbreaks, it was also tested enterprise team cohesion, at the same time, the 700 cc city tea positive adjustment policies, on the one hand, pay attention to the mental health of employees, on the other hand also for franchisees and partners launched online training, in order to stimulate the power of the whole team. In view of the employees, 700 cc city tea through the activity of the online story, share the true story of the positive, help employees keep optimistic positive attitude, positive in the face of the outbreak, overcome outbreak, to promote enterprise culture and reading at the same time, let all the staff can work in full of power and faith. For developers and partners, 700 cc city tea hosted online training, on how to build security restaurant, how to send take-away reverse losses, how to rely on the fans and community members to bring cash flow problems such as how to adjust organization structure, special period for the special training, 700 cc city tea marketing director Chen himself yet culvert, do the subject to share, hope to be able to help the joining trader's ability to cope with increasing store risk. A series of positive and timely action also won the employees, franchisees and consumer's consistent high praise. But at the same time, 700 cc city tea also from the outbreak response to risk experience, presumably when the end of the outbreak, the enterprise is also the outbreak period. 700 cc city tea has always been a guest as loyal merchants, during the outbreak of the guest as a cloud also launched several policies to help affected by outbreaks serious traders through. First launched the tower plan and solution, five major outbreak by providing free upgrade delivery system, online traffic subsidies, reduction pay rates, no single cashier contact point, such as policy, help businesses to reduce costs, increase. Second guest as for take-out merchants introduced a take-out secure card, take-away small programs, mobile stores opened, etc, to help businesses with delivery to complete the revenue. In the future, the guest will be continuously to satisfy the need for merchants, like a cloud to launch different products and policies, always as the technology behind the merchants, to help it realize shop open the guest to vision like a cloud.
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