A new brush face pay war open, how to let consumers are willing to pay!

by:Fdata     2020-06-15
From cash, credit CARDS, to sweep code payment, every payment innovation brought about by the subversion are difficult to measure. Now, with brush face payment based on the technology of face recognition and related products and services constantly promoting integration application, pay the giant piling, a new round of pay for the war, provide fertile soil of this kind of consumption patterns to flourish. The view that the game, on the payment method is not only a competition for market share, more merchants, data, consumer, cloud and so on multi-dimensional market competition. In just a few years of frequent iteration, the characteristics of quick pay has become the industry's most iconic, also reveal the whole market anxiety. But no matter how much pay agency behind have a complex commercial considerations, there is no doubt that they move the market. Brush is also for this reason, face payment or order will be more than 2020 to promote industry reconstruction of the catalyst. Industry experts point out that, in each payment service main body brush fully open face at the same time, pay for the deal how to identify risks, avoid theft, fraud risk events occur, such as to ensure the safety of data and payment, reassure users, is the focus of the market main body prudent innovation problem. Disruptive technology called brush face pay, is a technology based on face recognition. As the mainstream of biometric applications, the precipitation technology has experienced more than 20 years of development, from the initial 2 d recognition change into a 3 d now. Some network security company senior engineer ru-hai li in an interview with the China sankei shimbun reporters said that with the help of equipment with 3 d structure light camera, infrared projector lamp, infrared cameras and distance sensor, can put the high precision coding images projected onto a space, through a common sensors that information perception back, after analysis can get with the current character's facial features of 3 d model, finally, compared with that face data file that is stored before can confirm that the user identity, the identification accuracy can reach above 99%. Payment technology along with the spread of the Internet benefits behavior, has not only confined to the pure market process, the peg with the new technology, new industries, value of new cases, common occurance. Between market analyst from Washington, said the giant, explore the face to pay such a big compete in all behind wrestling, not just show off. According to ai media consulting, according to data from the size of the mobile payment market in China over the past few years has maintained a high growth, by the end of 2018, China mobile payment transaction size of 277. 4 trillion yuan, from 2017, growth in 136. 7%; Users up to 6. 17, 5. 9 billion, 2017 growth. 2%. From pos machine, sweep the yard, to avoid close and fingerprint identification, Washington believes, with the constant innovation of technology, the domestic third-party payment credit market still has large space for development. From the view of the evolution of the mobile payment, pay the innovation process, is the continuous process of disintermediation. With the deepening of the new technologies such as 5 g, AI and application of face recognition as a technology progress mentality and users of a product, is bound to pay such scenario delimit development trend of the future. In the consumer market level, and code to pay the need to show the user connected to the mobile phone, or scan the payment code of merchants or by the merchant's equipment to scan the payment code. And brush face pay after previous real-name information collection and the mobile phone after certification, then only by brush face equipment scanning can complete payment of the face. No longer the restriction of the mobile phone and other hardware equipment, can also be exempted from portable weight, inconvenient and yards of embarrassment, obtain more convenient payment experience. A supermarket manager told reporters, using brush face equipment, a cashier can watch four machine at the same time, only in the consumer appears when you need help. And the average checkout time shorter, not only save the user time, is effective in relieving rush-hour check-out line phenomenon. Especially for some special populations, such as the elderly, deaf, dumb and blind, brush face pay can provide the most direct for its convenience. Compared with the qr code to pay, brush face pay can also integrate digital business ability, for merchants to provide more value-added and imagination space. Payment according to the manager, users only need to take an authorization action on the screen, merchants can automatically it as a member, and the future of every purchase data can precipitate in the big data system, helping businesses to accurate portraits, and the screen thousands of people to push 'advertising or coupon, realize between the consumer and the screen without scene interaction. Different carrier, there is a different way of marketing, different ways of marketing is not the same as marketing results.
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