A yard with return to work and production control problem, tencent users exceeds 700 million by health code!

by:Fdata     2020-05-22
The current momentum of the spread got preliminary control, the enterprise gradually return to work rehabilitation. How at the same time do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and the economic and social development for local governments, is a big test. Tencent and other Internet companies to launch health code become digital power during the outbreak of the government, the enterprise management an important tool. It is reported that as of today, tencent health code has covered more than 700 million people, has bright people over 500 million, are the most common health service user code. Health code product design is derived from the product manager of tencent a inspiration from WeChat group chat. February 1, tencent government affairs team of product managers, received a friend sent a photo, new friend dwelling communities of print card. Immediately aware that such a small scene can be changed into a more general big scene, from the community to the traffic bayonet. Three days later, tencent internal product prototype called health code began to take shape. Before this, because local governments report to people's health and management of epidemic situation of strong demand, tencent has helped governments introduced more than 60 outbreak service small programs, provide more than 60 for the convenience of the outbreak of enterprise services, including health report, and other functions, after the mature health code product concept, epidemic small program also upgrade quickly. On February 9th, shenzhen has become a city with the first health code, then, yunnan, guizhou, guangzhou, Shanghai, tianjin, chongqing, wuhan and so on more than 100 cities at the same time plan launched tencent health code. Compared to half a month to a month to finish the work, tencent cloud government affairs team, overnight, the average 24 to 36 hours, can do a small program, if the service launched a second later, epidemic prevention and control of risk is more. Tencent's government affairs team leader said. The next step, under the guidance of the general office of electronic government affairs office of the State Council, tencent is also actively involved in promoting the integration of governmental affairs service platform construction of epidemic prevention and control of health information code. Let the provincial data exchange sharing has become a target for the next stage. At present, guangdong, sichuan, hunan and other provinces have signed the relevant agreement about the data exchange, the future will also further expand to more provinces. Not only that, during the outbreak, the health code is in and out of the community, office, traffic door. After the outbreak, tencent will also prepare health code and more public services such as health care, education, social security content get through, let people realize the code on the travel of daily life. We also hope that will be the ability to resist disease experience and accumulated, in reference to the future construction of city. Tencent's government affairs team.
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