After the outbreak, haidilao catering industry such as forced to rise in price? Some retailers are quietly rising!

by:Fdata     2020-06-12
Recently we have had many crazy prices, catering industry by netizens questioned the most should be haidilao. Have been to haidilao consumption friends all know, has long been haidilao consumption level is not low, dishes and flavors in hot pot also no particular advantage in the industry, brand publicity is more on customer service. Small make up can totally imagine haidilao prices brought about by the negative influence under the scene, after all, in this outbreak, no one is not innocent, innocent all pain, innocent is bleak economy, some enterprises because of the outbreak to declare bankruptcy, some people lose their job because of the outbreak, some people because of the outbreak for months without a penny of revenue. In this situation, as a brand catering group's largest marketing point is how to restore consumer confidence of the customers, such as many industries are introduced or free solution. And they this time in the opposite direction, turnover enterprises want to recovery normal, of course, understandable, but in the case of national recovery is not, by the rise in price is really too hard to fill vacancies? Is actually can gradually from many aspects of consumer confidence to our operations to restore first customers. In this outbreak, for example, many of our domestic retail, they do so. Here is with bo, when science and technology cooperation, the following the outbreak of a marketing story of a line from retailers, should let us new ideas on the self-help pay: when rich is in January this year a new online there is no self-service register. In the second half of 2019, when rich is doing the market research, the investigation conclusion is: no self-help cashier support pay treasure, WeChat swipe, sweep the yard, brush a face, such as payment, not only can save labor costs, and can improve the efficiency of cashier, reduce queuing. Because it is something new in our local retailing in small, local many consumers would rather have lined up to try out, even if have chose to use unmanned self-help cash register, are mostly young people. In the yuan at the end of a sudden outbreak, as far as we know the domestic retail industry also suffered a moment of winter. We store, supermarket shopping places which are relatively closed in. We can understand a lot of customers are worried about go to the supermarket, shopping malls shopping worry has close contact infection risk. How to avoid contact and gathered themselves together, and don't let the company's sales are influenced by too big? Company executives moment thought about the beginning of the new introduction of a batch of unmanned self-help pay cash register. This time don't push no self-service register, when? Everyone knows there is no self-service register support scan code and brush face payment, without artificial cashier operation, the customer his sweeping through self-service register code window self-help scan the qr code on the goods, you can achieve goods settlement and payment, so can not only reduce the cashier positive contact with customers, and reduce the infection risk personnel contact, can not affect sales, let customers can rest assured consumption. Although this two years, many medium and large supermarkets in use there is no self-service register, but there are a lot of common space, of course there is no self-service is not just limited to the cash register in shopping malls supermarkets, such as in hospitals, office buildings, scenic spots, the cinema, K DE base/M's to fast food, such as soda fountain is also possible. Customers in self-service register business help-yourself order after payment, just have a distance to wait take food after, can completely avoid close contact with the archives mouths service personnel or the spread of the virus risk because of the queue order. As people on the public health importance to more and more strong, more measures to prevent the epidemic infection and know, retail, catering consumption of self-service checkout payment will become a common form of social demand.
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