After the outbreak of the consumer market trends

by:Fdata     2020-05-12
April 7 0 points with wuhan unsealed, normal and orderly development of cities is now at home, to work again after the outbreak of the economic recovery. Early in 2020 the outbreak of life for everyone, work has brought the huge impact, everyone also has accepted home services, after the outbreak of consumer market as a whole have what change? Take a look at related 'the third eye on retail' in view of the market data report! After the outbreak of the consumer market. Through nationwide market research results, the majority of consumers will continue to use online new retail home services, more than half of all consumers are expected to go out in July can be completely normal consumption. Major consumer crowd mostly between the ages of 30 to 50 the scope, the way of the ages people have to start a family, have a high frequency demand for high quality fresh. But with the development of the epidemic, quite a few young people between the ages of 20 to 30 began to habits curtilage home cooking, so for online home service, the consumer groups appeared a new incremental. 83% of respondents said after the disease will increase the frequency of eating at home. It is a good news for the supermarket operator, supermarket can processing products, semi-finished products, cooked food and has more as well quickly dish. 2. To live with cargo mode under the outbreak blowout, over thirty percent of consumers to watch live to sell goods, while nearly fifty percent of consumers said they would live, but to buy low frequency, are less than 100 yuan. To live with this new mode of shopping, goods have a lot of consumer are not acceptable, for live shopping the distribution characteristics of the main consumption group is have no money, maybe money no idle. Will see but I can't buy group income is in three thousand yuan the following, more time is free for student groups. Will see and occasionally buy group focused on low income between three thousand and five thousand working group. Do not look at the group focused on the income of more than ten thousand of people at a handsome salary. 3. After the outbreak of tourism is expected to appear in the second half to improve tourism and catering industry had a similar situation, for the consumer want to but dare not consumption field at present. Plus for the tourism industry at present, relevant regulations to avoid cross-border travel across the province, the relevant research results show that so far, most consumer basically haven't go out to eat. While this situation may also can be in 7 August is better. Above is the report about after the outbreak of the consumer market, in a word into the outbreak era, retail enterprises should not only understand the status of the recovery of consumer confidence, also want to change of consumer shopping behavior, friends for several new retail system, in order to reconstruct the consumers as the center, to help businesses understand consumer market, to develop a more personalized service for the customer, finally a chance to get more profit.
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