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Alibaba Apsara Conference 2019


“In Apsara, for Technology” is the subject of the Alibaba Apsara Conference which is held in Hangzhou China on September 25-27, 2019. It has 3 sections including speech, fair and activity. During these 3 days, it provides us a veritable technology feast with the gathering more than 200 scientists and 1000 technical topics.

The topic of speech relates to the big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IoT (internet of things), new retail ecosystem etc. The most of speeches is about the big data. As we have known that the big data sources from the huge data network. The data maybe from social media, e-commerce site, customer visit and purchase record etc. For example, a customer made a purchase in a store and was charged with a smart POS terminal or a cash register. His purchase had been recorded and saved on servers. It’s been compiled the big data via continuously collecting and sorting a variety of the visitor and customer records. This becomes an important directive to improve the industry innovations and the developments of the education, management and commerce etc.

It brings about new chances and create more values to an enterprise with the application of big data. Based on the analysis of big data, it helps that a company quickly and precisely makes marketing decisions and plans. It’s also applied to the production to reduce the cost and make company more competitive. The information time has been changed to the digital time. It can be the key to success if a company applies the big data well and wins more opportunities.