Along with the return to work the coming of the boom, the infrared temperature detector time become tight product. Whether high-speed ETC channel automatic detection of the mouth, or

by:Fdata     2020-06-12
Airports, railway stations, subway, community scenarios, such as infrared temperature detector using particularly common. Outbreak of infrared measuring temperature hot market has just started a few days, our inventory is out of light. Shanghai giant brother electronic technology founder Shen Chong Fei told the first finance and economics. Brother giant electronic infrared thermal imager is a research and development and production of enterprises, on January 25, in the afternoon, the relevant departments under the Shanghai commerce in conjunction with the transport hub of emergency duty big brother cyborgs cervix warm like almost all of the inventory and production capacity, for the population influx of cervix temperature and epidemic prevention and control. Any above absolute zero (in fact in the natural world, - - - - - - 273℃) Object emits infrared radiation, and infrared thermometer can passively receiving image is transformed into heat by infrared radiation emitted by objects, thermal images of the different colors represent the different temperature of the object to be tested. Based on the principle of infrared temperature detector can avoid direct contact with, reduce the possibility of epidemic spread, high temperature crowd detection speed and improve the public traffic efficiency. Hongqiao hub temperature screening of millions of population, such a high density of the cervix, no thermal imager is unimaginable. The elder brother of the giant electronic products are in Shanghai railway station, subway, government agencies and business circle has made an emergency deployment, the company also in work overtime to ensure supply. Shen Chong Fei said, now every day to meet ErSanShiWei customers, answer SanWuShiGe phone, reply to hundreds of pieces of information. Face to return to work the arrival of the tide, the market demand is also rising sharply, in addition to accelerate the process of production, Shen Chong Fei think promote infrared thermal imaging technology and AI technology companies, systems integration company cooperation is also a priority, only cooperation can more quickly to end products laid out, in response to the outbreak. Infrared temperature detector of the rendered image and visible light image is different, especially in the area of traffic and move faster, one not careful it may be suspected of staff turnover, do match AI technology and infrared thermal imager, can further target, also can undertake follow-up data statistics and analysis. AI technology during the blessing in response to the outbreak of contactless temperature measurement requirements, in addition to infrared manufacturers, including AI companies, security companies, Internet companies are also launching its own intelligent temperature measurement products and epidemic prevention solutions. Thomson technology introduced AI wisdom and epidemic prevention solutions, mainly contains the regional traffic module and inward and outward passage module. The former is mainly composed of nebula series intelligent edge nodes, thermal imaging camera, bold and intelligent management system, can be at the airport, railway stations, subway, school, office building, village, etc scenarios to realize non-contact screening, as well as high temperature, not wearing a mask exception events alarms and personnel recognition. Thomson, vice President of science and technology, the wisdom city comprehensive business enterprise group CTO 闫俊杰 told the first finance and economics, Dr System in operation, first of all, the pedestrian temperature is measured by a thermal imaging camera. But the thermal imaging camera after long-term job will gradually appear larger error, cannot reach 37 sectors. The prevention and control of 3 ℃ preliminary screening patients suspected standards. And thermal imaging camera sensor resolution is low, far away when taken few pixels are available, and pedestrians wear face masks, glasses and hat, shade the forehead, and a bang to the temperate zone to a certain degree of interference measurement. And with the aid of AI algorithms and blackbody, optimize the temperature data and calibration after calibrate measurement for pedestrians only, guarantee the accuracy of measurement error in 0. Less than 3 ℃. At present the solution has been in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other places to deploy applications. Line subway in Beijing capital international airport terminal 3 station, passengers before AnJianJi requires no additional stay, temperature is automatically displayed on the on the side of the screen. If the temperature is detected more than 37. 3 ℃, the display can produce sound and light and pop-up prompts. Then staff can use medical thermometers do secondary measurement, and record in the intelligent management system for confirmation. In addition the system also deployed in a canteen in Shanghai jiaotong university xuhui campus, to improve the school staff and some students stay dining and passage efficiency during the outbreak. But it is worth mentioning that the passage module can identify whether the user wearing masks, but in the case of wearing masks implementers identity still has some challenges. For different scenarios and requirements, Thomson technology is also the gateway module, the module including face recognition, face recognition and high precision temperature measuring machine temperature measuring brake machine and witness and check temperature measuring machine is mainly used in buildings, schools, hotels, park entrance, etc. Is under the module, to accurately identify employees need for take off mask, attendance record, in the case of people wearing masks, showing 50% passing rate of 85% when the nose. According to wearing a mask to accurate face recognition problem, while wearing a mask can lead to can't see face, but as long as the patient's gait information are clear, then its gait information for registration, can be produced at the end of the gait library, then obtain characters in video gait information compare, searching and patients with similar targets, further determine the patient information and action. These people said. Epidemic prevention and control for AI company battle brewing new opportunities, not only is the research and development ability, technical stability and products of the company be born ability to a practical test.
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