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Amazon unveils biometric ID system, you can complete payment simply through your palm


Amazon has developed a new biometric ID system that works by scanning the palms of participating customers, planning to ultimately let people make in-store payments, gain access to office buildings, and move quickly through stadium turnstiles by holding out a hand.

The system, called “Amazon One,” comes with numerous safeguards designed to protect user data.


Amazon One has been being on duty at two Amazon Go convenience stores near the company’s Seattle headquarters, giving customers an alternative to the regular process of checking into the automated retail stores, which normally use a QR code in an app.


Biometric identification has been rising in popularity as an alternative to passwords and other forms of authentication, in everything from PC operating systems to airport security. Companies including Fujitsu and AEON Credit Service have also tested palm-scanning technologies for retail payment and checkout.

In the era of COVID-19, the system offers the added benefit of being contactless, with the ability to detect the unique characteristics of a palm when held in the air over the scanning device.

Customers who don’t opt to use Amazon One can stick to the standard method of scanning a QR code in the Amazon Go app to gain entry.


Pay by your palm or a QR code, which one you prefer?


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