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Android based wireless pos terminal at discount

Android based wireless pos terminal at discount

Android based wireless pos terminal at discount

Model No.
Quad-Core, RAM 2G, 1.8GHz
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Company Advantages
1. We have always been very deliberate about the quality of our materials, Fdata wireless pos terminal thus is made of only high-quality materials. The product can effectively minimize the risk of human error
2. Being an essential part of modern society, the product contributes a lot of convenience to people in their daily life. The product can support multi-language setting up including Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, etc
3. This product is regarded as a green and eco-friendly product. It contains no heavy metals which may cause pollution. Its housing is strong, which makes it easily withstand any bump in the business uses
4. With a built-in insulation protection system, the product is less likely to be influenced by noises caused by jamming signals or component operation. Equipped with various interfaces, the product is highly compatible with other devices
5. Its electric circuits react flexibly and actively to the transmitted signals, which directly helps reduce the signal distortion rate. The product help increase transaction speed and reduces queues

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Product F803 with gateway and access control system is applicable to residential district, school,
hotel, scenery spot, transportation junction and other public infrastructure.
The product uses industrial grade binocular camera and live detection technique.
It is a high-performance and reliable product, supporting various peripherals like fingerprint device.

Model TypeF803
CameraResolution200W pixels
TypeBinocular wide motion camera
Focal distance50-150CM 
White balanceAutomatic
DisplaySize8 inch IPS LCD
ProcessorCPUQuad-Core, RAM 2G, 1.8GHz
MemoryEMMC 8G
AccessaryFill lightDual fill lights: LED+infrared light
SpeakerSupport 2W/8R
USB USB OTG*1, USB HOST standard A*1
SCIRS232*1, RS485*1
RelayOpen output*1
WiegandWiegand 26/34 output*1,Wiegand 26/34 input*1
Upgrate buttonUboot upgrate botton
WIREDRJ45 Ethernet receptacle*1
FunctionFacial detectionMulti-detection
Face databaseMaximun 20k
1:N Facial recognitionSupport
1:1 Facial comparisionSupport
Strangers monitoredSupport
Identification range customizeSupport
UI customizeSupport
Remote upgradeSupport
InterfacesIncludes device management、Staff/Photo management、Record review, etc. 
Deployment methodPublic cloud deployment、Privatization deployment、LAN、Stand-alone mode
General SpecificationDegree of protectionIP65,a certain degree of waterproof and dustproof
Working Temperature﹣10℃~60℃
Storage TemperatureStorage Temperature -20℃~60℃
Power dissipation13.5W(Max)
InstallationWall-mount brackets、Gate bracket installation

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Full angle 8 inches IPS LCD
Industrial grade design with waterproof and dustproof function. Stable and reliable.
20000 Face capacity. 1:1 recognition can be 99.7% accurate or above. 1:N recognition can be 96.7% accurate or above (Error rate is under 0.1%).
Live detection could be 98.3% accurate or above (Error rate is under 1%). Facial recognition can be finished within 1 second.
Binocular wide motion camera; dual fill lights includes LED and infrared light.
Powerful quad-core processor, 1.8GHZ.
Multiple Peripherals supportable, including NRIC reader, biomini, IC reader, QR reader, etc.
Support: system level, APP off-line level, APP+ background network level API docking; document improvement; secondary development.

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Company Features
1. Shenzhen Fdata Co., Ltd. is a great success in the industry of wireless pos terminal .
2. In personnel training, Shenzhen Fdata Co., Ltd. has plenty of technology-oriented R&D team for android mobile pos terminal .
3. Shenzhen Fdata Co., Ltd. upholds the belief that talents cultivation has always played an important role in its development. Call!
Fdata mobile pos machine must be tested with regard to different aspects, including flammability testing, moisture resistance testing, antibacterial testing, and stability testing. The back closure of the product can be customized into the metal buckle or 7 hole plastic buckles
The design process of Fdata android mobile pos terminal is strictly conducted. It is conducted by our designers who assess the viability of the concepts, aesthetics, spatial layout, and safety. It is a great birthday or festival gift
Every production step of Fdata mobile pos machine follows the requirements for manufacturing furniture. Its structure, materials, strength, and surface finishing are all handled finely by experts. This stylish and fashionable item can be worn with casual clothing
The raw materials used in Fdata android mobile pos terminal will go through a range of inspections. The metal/timber or other materials have to be measured to ensure sizes, moisture, and strength that are mandatory for furniture manufacturing. It serves many famous brands such as MLB, ANTA, FILA, etc
Fdata mobile pos machine has passed visual inspections. The investigations include CAD design sketches, approved samples for aesthetic compliance, and defects related to dimensions, discoloration, inadequate finishing, scratches, and warping. It can be easily packed inside a suitcase or backpack when people take it for outdoor activities
The high quality and reliability of this product translate into a low total cost of its operational lifespan. It is designed to protect eyes from the blaring rays of the sun which may cause some eyes problems such as cataracts
Compared to regular ones, mobile pos machine is more of android mobile pos terminal in functions. The product is perfect in preventing sunburn or even skin cancer
Manual inspection and equipment testing both have been carried out to ensure that the product is 100% qualified. Its stretch structure provides a comfortable fit to the head
Introducing unique technology, wireless pos terminal can not only help mobile pos machine but also enhance mobile pos machine. Featuring moisture wicking, it is a great solution for many sporting activities players
There is newly developed function for android mobile pos terminal and will bring better user experience. Any logos can be printed on it using 3D embroidery, plain embroidery, or applique technology
wireless pos terminal through such process results in great performance. The product has a fine UPF rating, which guarantees that people are being protected all the time
The product meets customer expectations and is now popular in the industry with broad market prospects. The product has a fine UPF rating, which guarantees that people are being protected all the time
This product can be used in many fields and has great market potential. It can be easily packed inside a suitcase or backpack when people take it for outdoor activities
This product has very good characteristics and is widely used in the market. It adds charm and personality to people
The product is said to be of bright market prospect due to its good economic benefits. It is super easy and simple to maintain and it supports machine washing
The product sells well in the international market and has great market potential. Made of sweat absorbing materials, it has good air permeability
The product, with many superior benefits, is used by more and more people. It is useful for protecting the scalp and hair from weather elements such as rain, snow, wind, etc
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