Anshan has the 'brush face payment' to complete the payment process for 10 seconds

by:Fdata     2020-04-24
Anshan some department stores, supermarkets, catering institutions have been the new brush face the new payment function, the next door consumption without card, wallet and mobile phone, brush a face. Don't have to pay mobile phone, wallet, brush face can payment is very convenient. October 31, is a supermarket supply and marketing square li said. Recently, the reporter learns from anshan branch unionpay business, anshan some department stores, supermarkets, catering institutions have been the new brush face the new functionality. Citizens in the future go out consumer can need not take card, wallet and mobile phone, brush face can be all done. October 31, the reporter sees in a supermarket near the station no. 3, citizens are brush face is pay before payment terminal equipment. The payer's face on the camera on the instrument, the instrument for face recognition, to complete the payment process within 10 seconds. According to supermarket controller introduces, machine instead of cashier can not only improve efficiency and reduce the cost of cashier, also can avoid the artificial error cause unnecessary losses. For consumers, brush face pay more convenient and faster, consumers only need to use pay treasure or WeChat previous certification, and then through the facial recognition to verify, for the first time to shop enter a phone number, the second, three, four input phone number four, after several times later won't have to enter a phone number directly to brush face can pay, don't waste your time on the line. According to brush a face payment terminal service provider unionpay business anshan branch relevant controller introduces, brush face pay main use facial recognition technology, through the way of AI to capture information, is used to detect the human face image acquisition and recognition, its unique camera through the combination of hardware and software to determine whether to face photos, video, masks, head and other nonliving, can effectively prevent false attacks, security problems don't have to worry about. At present, the anshan area has launched more than 40 a sweep face terminal, much distribution in the retail, catering entertainment industry merchants experience effect is very good, customer usage is improved significantly. Brush face payment is suitable for various scenarios, such as the scenic area, hospital, station, library, etc. With the popularity of 5 g, the consumer will pay more and more convenient.
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