Application of industrial automatic scan code: can effectively solve the production line of weight code, wrong words. if, leakage and other issues

by:Fdata     2020-06-16
Now as we all know, with the rise of modern enterprise labor costs, many enterprises in response to high manpower costs will gradually to automatically scan code, by reading and high performance code device to solve the problem of assembly line of bar code automatic detection, reads barcodes and judge the different states of the start-stop control line, so as to realize automatization and high efficiency of production line. So industry in the application of bar code scanning equipment in the factory assembly line plays a what kind of role? Learned, automatic sweep code bar code detection is mainly used to solve the production line of products, large quantities of printing serial number, bar code label printing enterprise, the trademark printing factory, and the automatic detection line repeat barcode and print out the bar code is correct, whether there is weight code, the code, a variety of undesirable phenomena, such as wrong words. if ensure the uniqueness of goods in the factory after the bar code, in order to realize the barcode printing and testing automation, improve the label printing quality and efficiency, reduce the barcode label printing errors, avoid mistakes cost of products before shipment. In practical application, the analyst direct input current product codes to be detected, and based on barcode bar code scanning, count. 1, sweep code detection when the product through the sensor correctly, stationary scan than when the correct reading, light green, light, and record the correct barcode and time information; 2, detect errors when sensors detect fixed read code editor has a product bar code can't scan; A red indicator, and at the same time will not be able to read the qr code automatically product from assembly line; If the situation appears three times in a row, the system in addition to the automatic operation above, send out alarm at the same time, and immediately stop running automated assembly line; When the product through the sensor, but fixed read error code device to scan the bar code, the red light is lit, and automatically reads to the wrong qr code products from the assembly line, at the same time, alarm system, and automatically stop running line; The inspector when you hear the alarm can be quickly handle according to actual condition, stop running under the line of products, and record related error barcode information. As the whole factory assembly line plays a core role of bar code reader control the assembly line is a start-stop, has the vital role. I liked this, barcode scanning hardware brand dealer shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Special launched LV3000U Plus industrial read code device specially used in factory assembly line read bar code application. It is understood that LV3000U Plus the sixth generation of independent research and development at the core of the decoding technology, greatly improve the efficiency of reading code and barcode read speed, can be read from 4-1 seconds 6 qr code, 1 minute read 200 products; Through flexible rich I/O expanding interface easily implement external trigger code, and can control the external devices, such as lighting, light, buzzer, etc. At the same time, LV3000U Plus the support of the interface ( USB and RS232 serial port) Simple installation technology ( Plug and play, convenient use, convenient fixed) , high resolution image sensor and compact structure design makes it very easy in the electronics factory, industrial production line, such as mobile phone manufacturers quality traceability management and application, is the perfect choice of low cost automation. LV3000U Plus ultra high cost performance led domestic alternative, let you don't have to pay for expensive imported equipment! So far, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Launched LV3000U Plus industrial automatic sweep decoder dozens of top 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises have been put into use, for 20 years experience in application of bar code automatic identification industry, for more detailed product information, please contact shenzhen vision of science and technology in order to get more information. Hope we can make a successful cooperation in the future, your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit!
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