Around the school notice has been out, face recognition check equipment power campus epidemic prevention and control body temperature!

by:Fdata     2020-05-04
Recently affected by the outbreak, schools have been delayed opening time, around a few days ago, as the epidemic actively good trend appeared, parts already deployed peak of school, gradually returned to normal teaching order. Reopen, how to ensure that students efficient temperature monitoring work be complete? One gun and, when the latest face recognition device synchronization temperature testing equipment of excellent turn. As is known to all, the school as a population is concentrated flow space, once appear epidemic infection, the consequences will be very serious, therefore the local government scrutiny measures for school is not a little carelessness, when rich, on the basis of face recognition entrance guard equipment to increase the function of infrared temperature measurement, so that the students in the in and out of school at the same time can real-time and efficient control temperature changes, compared with other temperature measurement way, when rich, facial recognition access control body temperature testing equipment, the advantage of the thermal infrared template for temperature measurement is intuitive, non-contact, and work well in 24 hours a day. Than the amount available in the market temperature gun gun ear temperature, when rich, infrared temperature measurement module on the basis of access control attendance system, add the function as in the crowd see your one eye, then your body temperature to be recorded, neither contact with machinery and equipment, without human intervention, equipment in operation will automatically identify masks, synchronous detection, temperature of high temperature, the device will be prompted to no thoroughfare. Have to say, intelligent and pragmatic. On February 18th, guangzhou part of bus lines in the country take the lead in the pilot installation face recognition thermometer. It is understood that the fastest transit face recognition thermometer 1 second can complete scanning probe temperature. If the car passengers more, face recognition thermometer can quickly finish temperature, higher practicability. Be worth what carry is, face recognition thermometer installed in the bus door position, the temperature can be measured, bus information records, to voice prompt health, without driver intervention, convenient and efficient. In other words, the non-contact detection can largely reduce the probability of contact with sexually transmitted, so in the medical field, especially the analysis of disease diagnosis is of great significance.
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