As no contact solution, and all the merchants together through 丨 push Beijing flavour zhai grasped the nettle 'takeout at ease'

by:Fdata     2020-06-17
Under the new crown pneumonia outbreak is one of the most serious industry catering and tourism, many food companies still fail to return to work eat-in are few in number. But in the face of the influence of the outbreak, catering enterprises without complaint, but chose to actively respond to reassure employees at the same time, to seek new development way. Guest as merchants, take root in Beijing market for nearly 20 years of well-known food companies Beijing flavour in the face of the outbreak, also showed the Beijing local brands should have social responsibility. 1. Stopped gastric disorder, delivery to seek new ways Beijing flavour is representative of the Beijing food brands, local is popular among the consumers in Beijing, but the sudden outbreak of Beijing flavour diet is also influenced by a lot. Booking the busy family reunion dinner unsubscribe by 99%, more than 20 stores people can luo, community store rent, staffing and stockpiling raw material cost of high pressure, problems all let the old business faces challenges. Beijing flavour lent to strict disinfection and personnel management in 17 years ago, Beijing flavour has experienced the test of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), so in view of the outbreak, Beijing flavour on the boss and brand head are also made a timely response, they think that at the moment, should not blindly complain, but to actively respond to. Eat-in consumers cut, Beijing flavour lent from the delivery end to save his life. Beijing flavour implement security service card, ensure that the quality of the food safety during outbreaks, Beijing flavour diet has carried on the close to stores and staff arrangement and deployment, the restaurant environment disinfection in do at the same time, also became the first foreign restaurants in the member for safety testing. In addition, Beijing flavour also take the lead in implementing the peace of mind service card, every single send takeout, there will be a chef, equipment eat member and member to be delivered to the outside temperature display, and perform numerous contact take food distribution, ensure the safety of the take-away member and consumer health. 2. Support delivery little elder brother, introduce new measures for the public welfare in addition, Beijing flavour also positive social responsibility, through the public to fight in a line, in the form of take-out little elder brother and office workers provide warm heart to help. Beijing flavour diet dishes of mid to late February, Beijing flavour is launched at this moment, we are a theme support delivery little brother's action. During the outbreak of the brand, said an official with the take-away little elder brother is very not easy, the danger is bigger, so hope that through practical action, Beijing flavour jai foreign sell small brother thank you. Therefore Beijing flavour lent all brand stores, little brother provide a meal for take-out lunch love, hope that through poor power, to warm in cold winter, we work together, common through. Beijing flavour lent out to return to work lunch box and in view of the enterprise or business the unit staff has to return to work, Beijing flavour have also developed construction special lunch box, in order to meet the demand of units and the company's batch bento, ensure that workers do not go out to eat on a peace of mind, rest assured lunch. We have learned, Beijing flavour lent during the outbreak and chose not to sell food, the consumption of raw materials, but the development of new products, even in difficult times do not rise in price, quality, do our best to service customers. 3. Guest as non-contact solution, and all the merchants together through a cloud as catering for Beijing flavour jai whole SaaS solutions company, since the outbreak, immediately launched a poly tower plans and the five out of contact solution, by providing free upgrade delivery system, online pay traffic subsidies, reduction rate, no single cashier contact point, such as policy, help businesses to reduce costs, increase. Guest as no contact solutions, help the food companies cross at the same time, as a cloud is with excellent product quality and perfect service policy, services to help Beijing flavour zhai completed during the outbreak. , said an official with the Beijing flavour on the future will develop a more in-depth online operation strategy, the strict to purchasing ingredients, dining environment disinfection and personnel management more links such as work, extend new retail business at the same time, the food safety and the service is always in the first place. Guest as will as always behind the power of science and technology, to help it realize shop open the guest like a cloud to vision.
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