As time continues, the impact on the economy of new crown outbreak is on show. We live to the nearest brush face pay, epidemic not only

by:Fdata     2020-06-12
Reduced the concerns about the heat, which makes the simmering put pay war, some payment institutions and businesses even started to suffer losses. Brush face to pay for the highest content of science and technology, expand application and the development space of the largest payment forms, its booming already imminent, menacing epidemic of its is also suspended rather than the end. Industry: brush face pay car ning said there is a certain risk, as things stand, the outbreak of brush face pay impact mainly comes from two aspects: one is the outbreak and the resulting fear and controls the passenger flow was greatly reduced over the same period in previous years, the payment mechanism is difficult to extend or maintain business, merchants can't normal acquisition and, in turn, affects the income, also inhibits equipment upgrades and marketing to carry out the enthusiasm. Second, individual prevention and control means such as wearing masks make depend on the face of biometrics brush paid to face, and yards, near field payment ( NFC) Instead, the comparative advantage of fingerprint payment to emerge. To some extent, the outbreak, suspend the business, provides us with a better chance to know brush face the risk of payment. Previously, the financial network security on the BBS, the central bank slurry sampling, director of li wei mentioned that only rely on single feature such as faces in cyberspace conducting financial transactions, there are serious deal. Here, we can draw two key points: are not all forms of human face payment application traded there are serious security hidden danger, but at the same time meet in cyberspace ( The online trade) Validated and rely on single feature such as face face pay two conditions. For biometric facial recognition technology especially in the field of payment application point of view, there are two points worth noting: 1, the difference due to security, brush face to pay online and offline application scenarios should be careful to distinguish. 2, face recognition, pay to reflect user autonomous control of funds, face recognition pay + password is both safe and convenient way of implementation. National finance and development laboratory distinguished researcher Dong Ximiao said convenience payment must be based on safety. Face is very sensitive personal information, unfavorable face as the only trading to pay factor of authentication. Previously, CCTV exposure around on the Internet platform, more than 5000 face photo price 10 yuan. Pay car ning also believes that brush face hidden risks, and the risk during the outbreak highlights: a, to cover the face of medium continuous exposure in the open environment is easy to be used by the criminals. Second, as a biometric database security information reserves may be break or leak, cause people concern about their own privacy, spiritual peace; Three, different from the bar code, password, face almost nonrenewable ( Modify) ; Four, face information identity is highly correlated with people on the one hand, on the other hand it is security tools, in the application of the method and physical method existence dilemma and unable to agree on the former focus on fair, emphasis on legal principles, to defend the inviolability of the human spirit rights; The latter focus on efficiency, emphasize system due to the circumstances, to promote the rapid development of social material production. He further proposes to brush a face pay is not limited to this risk. Look from trading way, brush face pay on the payment process change will weaken the trading of validation and its legal effect, thus has brought the money safe hidden trouble. Due to the face of passivity ( Will not be able to initiate trade) And non-contact ( Do not need to direct contact and equipment) , whether, whether to customers with trading will verify objectively is close 2 for one. Brush from the consequences, pure face to customer transactions of the will of authentication is very weak, and to a great extent, the lack of authentic, on the one hand, made it possible to customers under the situation of a transaction will not non-inductive pay losses, on the other hand may also be because of the lack of validation, evidence is weak and the poor customer fraud. In fact, in addition to the above aspects, brush face pay deeper challenge lies in the change of social psychology, and the emergence of the epidemic more add to the this challenge. The indications are that time ( The history of financial technology evolution trend) And the right place ( Electric business, social and other high frequency scene and ecological advantage) , and ( Pratt &whitney financial gradually covered the long tail of customers) , subvert the transformation and the financing mechanism for settlement of style and features of mobile payment industry is rapidly towards greater differentiation on the edge of one side of the gap is the payment industry continues to surge, here the brush face pay as the highest technical content, convenient experience so far the best solution, gradually shows its relative to the barcode and fingerprint payment of comparative advantage, under its slightly sliding sideways swagger, mobile payment than ever closer to the value pursuit of extreme fast, precipitation data; And the other side of the gap is growing panic fear of public opinion, in this case, the brush face pay money security, information security and even the existence is necessary one by one, and in the eyes of some conspiracy theorists even became identity curing and the tool of social control. Brush face pay over the long term will shake the foundation of sustainable development. Prospects and capricious but compliance and risk of core competitive ability is the key though hard to clear, but face brush pay has become the inevitable trend of social development, even if its impact outbreak, to brush face to pay the long term, from the power of competition in the market will continue to promote its development.
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