Bar code management system to support wireless PDA scanning scan packing _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-08-03
Barcode management software vast intelligent terminal management system for the green version! The vast green intelligent terminal barcode management system version of the biggest characteristics is free to use! And bar code management system also supports wireless PDA scanning order, shipping management, summary report and so on a series of function. Can have the bar code management system for the green version can greatly the work efficiency of the enterprise, enhance the enterprise the production progress! Shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. , PDA green version of the bar code management system is a PDA barcode management software, the software can avoid the packing data error, to prevent wrong outfit, outfit, more less, etc. , to improve the working efficiency of the enterprise 1, log in, enter the scan packing; Click start packing; 2, click on the + box, box and create the case number. 3, type in the name of the product to packing, coding and packing quantity. 4, start scanning the barcode to SN serial number on the box, after reaching the set packing quantity; Print the carton label, continue to the next box. 5, the data automatically generated using the packing detail report, summary report, facilitate subsequent traceability queries.
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