Barcode scanning PDA and ERP in the warehouse to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of data. _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-06-21
A enterprise is A manufacturing enterprise of rapid development, but its warehouse management means mainly by artificial, along with the expansion of business constantly, the problem of warehouse is becoming more and more. 1, all the material record is by hand to register, workload is big, difficult to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of data; 2, when erosion &deposition behavior is mainly artificial audit, easy to slip, appear the goods quantity, hair wrong goods; 3, artificial low work efficiency, error, to some extent influence the customer relationship management (CRM); 4, picking at a time, generally need to spend a lot of time to complete, it is difficult to delivery on time. 1, of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products to implement barcode automated management, management of inbound, outbound, transfers, library, inventory and other business, improve the management level; 2, procurement barcode scanning gun and barcode printing equipment, printing box label and a variety of business documents, to improve the working efficiency and working precision of the in-out warehouse, etc; 3, transform existing LAN, WLAN setup, through the LAN, WLAN will bar code management system server and computer, print bar code scanning guns, terminal connected, then imported into the ERP system through interface program, make its can be real-time processing a variety of tasks. Bar code technology combined with ERP software can truly achieve data acquisition of the timeliness, accuracy, and traceability. In view of the bar code implementation requires A clear business process, so A company after careful consideration, decided to implement ERP before bar code sequence. Company A barcode application scope of business includes: 1, the main process: inbound and outbound raw materials, finished goods inbound and outbound; 2, secondary flow, production material return inventory, purchasing return dispatch and allocation ( Transfer between library and library) Move, libraries, Transfer between the rolls of the location) , inventory, query statistics; 3, outsourcing process: outsourcing processing and materials processing. 4, goods in process: machining workshop record & rarr; Semi-finished products warehouse & rarr; Semi-finished product outbound; 5, form A complete set of supply chain process: set up the supplier's platform, design good barcode rule, A company supplier log on to the company's supplier platform, print outbound product barcode labels, shipping will stick the barcode label in the parts before packaging or pallets. Company A barcode management main methods: 1. Incoming raw materials into the Treasury: the suppliers, according to the inspection sheet to print the barcode labels, A company inspector paste the barcode on material packaging or pallets, then scanning into the Treasury. Bar code should be included in the storage of material code, batch number, quantity, warehousing information such as position. 2. Semi-finished products into the Treasury: according to the production orders, at the production line, the production operation staff to print bar code label and paste on the semi-finished products, and then scanned into the Treasury. 3. Finished product storage: scan production orders, barcode label printing of finished products. When filled with a packing, automatic printing packing barcode labels, and paste the barcode to specify the location of the wooden case, and then scanned into the Treasury. 4. When the materials exhausted, you raw materials exhausted: scan production orders, need to get the production order of bom, scan outbound. 5. Finished product outbound: according to the Marketing Department of invoices automatically retrieve outbound list, each scan outbound product packing barcode labels, to ensure that the finished first in first out. In addition, because the bar code system and different ERP integration, its development and the difficulty and the interface program is different, so from A company interface development of economy and maturity, chose the barcode system has mature integration with ERP implementation experience of shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. , not only to ensure the system on time online, but also improve the response speed of supply chain, to enhance the overall competition ability of the company.
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