Beauty power outlets stores management system performance improvement!

by:Fdata     2020-04-26
Beauty stores results about the existence of a cosmetic stores, but also the beauty store manager's future, so the manager tried to guest, lock, 1 vigorously to run direction. But use hairdressing store management system, can more easily solve the problem of the above, below small make up to a chat. 1, preferential promotion management, improve performance beauty salon store must be regularly carry out a variety of preferential promotion plan, attract new customers to open card, old members top-up and repeated consumption, improve performance of beauty salon. Flexible use of discount package service, according to the activity plan, set sales promotion services, promotional products, prepaid phone services project, purchase packages gift amount and so on. Through beauty stores management system on preferential promotion of consumption curve, evaluate the effect of the preferential promotion, looking for the best marketing strategy, promote beauty salon performance. 2, product allocation, product sales in different regions largest chain stores customers have buying demand of different types of products. Between the head office and branch, branch and branch, using the beauty product stores management system, allocate, maximum effective use of the existing inventory, realize the biggest selling products, more give full play to the advantages of beauty stores chain store operation and management. 3, member, reasonable arrangement, the service management system in place by beauty stores WeChat applet functions, self-help booking or telephone booking service project. Beauty shop clerk for members of the reasonable arrangement of booking service time and staff scheduling, enhances the working efficiency of the salon, reduce customer wait time, improving customer satisfaction. 4, member management, attract more new members WeChat membership function beauty stores management system, do mobile phone is the membership card, the customer on their mobile phone can be used WeChat pay online top-up, query to balance, balance treatment card number, integral, consumption records, prepaid phone records, such as member consumer understand trust, more loyal to the salon. 5, the boss report, beauty salon in a pocket on a business trip in other place don't understand the beauty salon business conditions, every view is going to login software in stores to understand the business situation, can use hairdressing store management system mobile terminal check report, let boss anywhere at any time to view the operating data of the store.
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