Beauty salon management software function 丨 big data analytics, cloud storage data security!

by:Fdata     2020-04-26
Beauty parlor operators using an advanced, spectrum, the appropriate management software, is equal to have a powerful weapon, it can only cashier management, it also has powerful data analysis and strict financial controls, is a beauty salon store do big, do strong good helper. 1, cloud storage, data security aggressive advocate, beauty salon management software based on web development, change the traditional stand-alone software, no installation needed to use backup, using cloud storage technology, at any time to upload the cloud, data is absolutely safe, anytime, anywhere to see the store operating conditions. 2, human rights distribution controls can be fully equipped with user name and password, then the scope of authorization, responsibility assignment respectively according to different position, truly a man without infringement, do their job, each all responsibility. 3, improve customer management functions (1) the cashier plate. Meet all the beauty industry front desk cashier to pay membership consumption, member management, membership maintenance, automatic calculation salary, clear statements. (2) the boss employees. Boss by phone APP can clearly see the store data, check your own performance salary, employees can download the APP to see customers booking, hair style works. (3) the customer plate. Customers don't need to take card, pay attention to the store WeChat public number with the membership card directly binding can real-time query their balance, consumption receive real-time news, online booking, online payment and commodity mall project. 4, the free opening WeChat merchants pay treasure payment collection features free open WeChat alipay payment function, system scan code to pay directly, the customer can use a credit card convenient and quick, 5, and precision of the data analysis of clear 晣 guest, guest unit price, project and so on dozens of data statistics can be analyzed out into problems, staff issues, activities, etc. , explicit, dealing with the problems so that managers on, plan implementation, so as to achieve performance rising profits. 6, professional instant pay commission scheme beauty salon management software to meet a variety of Settings in the form of royalties, instead of the time-consuming, laborious, bother to manual accounting, help you easily, accurate calculation of wages, all the employees wage record sheet for a quick.
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