Beauty salon management software power outlets develop new customers, achieve precision marketing

by:Fdata     2020-07-18
Streets and beauty parlor in the community is more and more, lead to beauty salon management software is also a wide variety, but plus ca change beauty salon management software in the cashier, appointments, member management, staff management, the inventory of these basic functions are some, some more high-end beauty salon management software with WeChat marketing talk functions such as marketing, to help the beauty parlor greatly saves time and manpower costs. One, to the old with the new, easy to talk of the beauty parlor in the maintenance of old customers at the same time, the store should also actively develop new members, can let the old customers who recommend new customers will get the corresponding commission, through the old customer spontaneous promotion to store attracting new customers and save a lot of strength to stores and the effect is good, and can drive the word-of-mouth publicity, fully staffed! WeChat booking, completely out of line to store consumption, most afraid of is to wait in line, waste of time. When the waiting time and customer in their own time arrangement, often shops might miss the sales opportunity. In order to effectively avoid the happening of this kind of circumstance, the businessman can beauty salon management software, set WeChat membership card, add WeChat reservation project, members can through WeChat public spending items on the web site, according to the time to arrange, don't have to wait long, to the shop to be able to enjoy service. Three, member integral activities, improve member active beauty salon management software set integral system, membership to shop or prepaid phone, complimentary integral member integral accumulated a certain value in the store to exchange gifts or beauty salon services, through this way to encourage members to spend more, active natural increased. According to the integral, the businessman by beauty salon of the integral function of the management software shall have the right to set rules and the use of integral rules, custom Settings loyalty points deduction percentage, custom Settings integral activities of all kinds of CARDS. Precision marketing using four, consumer analysis, beauty salon management software, software will be according to the data members of the consumer behavior, implement precise membership marketing and service. Regularly check all products and services index data, analysis of customer loyalty, for a long time before the shop customers, to visit and visit way secondary to retain employees, such as via text message to his push coupons and discount activity and so on.
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