Beauty salon management software to make an appointment function, way for beauty industry chain brand online services

by:Fdata     2020-07-18
On the market at present most of the small program template is developed by micro electric dealer template, complicated operation, demanding to the user, does not apply to ordinary hairdresser shop owner, but aggressive advocate, beauty salon management software in the small program prominent guest to store function, easy to use. So, what are the functions? 1, online booking time: online booking time, users can according to their own time elasticity to the hairdresser to make an appointment at the right time, stagger the rush hour, avoid to wait. Effect of 2, preview, can add beauty and hair style for user reference, let the customer to choose their favorite appearance of hairdressing, let users have more choice. 3, can be in hairdressing appointment small program to add a community communication function, let the love beautiful girls can share their experience of dress, let the girls can find in here own companion and a friend. 4, merchants can show the user anytime and anywhere, push preferential promotion information, arouse the enthusiasm for potential users of the consumer. 5, to set up the membership card ( Stored value/discount points) Distribution, member management, account management and monitoring, accounting and statistics of core member management system. 6, user position location, displays the store's name, detailed address and telephone number, and to provide to the beauty salon store line planning, a detailed comprehensive, service home. 7, information channels to collect the latest beauty salon class information and the latest fashion, can comprehensively will hairdressing information is in our hands. 8, beauty salon management software stores small program based on an appointment WeChat small programs and development of shopping mall and an appointment by WeChat access, communication, fission WeChat payment integration marketing shopping process in the face of large hairdressing market, hairdressing salon owner choose aggressive advocate, beauty salon management software, compared with the traditional hairdressing, can cut down the front desk cashier and related personnel, every shop only four to six stylist and matching chairs, this greatly reduced the staff and store costs.
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