Beauty salon use beauty salon management software five-point advantage!

by:Fdata     2020-06-11
Maybe you in stores in the use of beauty salon management software, you may not in use, so why there are so many beauty industry stores in beauty salon management software? Why do some shop, beauty salon management software with a good helper, some with shop, beauty salon management software has become a stumbling block? Why you don't want to use beauty salon management software? If you are in the beauty industry stores, you need a beauty salon management software, because if the beauty salon management software is not only a cashier as simple bookkeeping, if only we use the meaning of it is not so big, after all, we took is the same. So what beauty salon management software and other role? Today as you talk about hairdressing store use beauty salon management software five-point advantage: first, you want the business data, always desirable, quick and accurate, beauty salon management software of the save Labour when the province's first major function is the cashier, membership card, financial accounting. A beauty salon management software calculating cash income, total sales, total consumption and other business information, or computing staff sales commission, consumption percentage, the workmanship, and even bonuses are simple. Can also some specific sales data, such as so far this month, what is the total cash earnings, into the shop, how much is the number of customers, what is the total sales, what is the total cost? Consumption of more customers? The service employee which consume most of? Which most sales staff? Before the business situation, you can only wait until the night manager to give you, now you can check it directly at any time in the phone app business situation so far today. Such rapid and accurate analysis of data, what do you want the data reference, have right away. Second, membership card management convenient, beauty salon management software the second important role is the customer management, and in the beauty salon store customer management is the most important part of their customers spending management, stored-value CARDS, card, experience card number, year, season, month card, etc. , some may have a dozen CARDS in the shop. When customers have a lot of CARDS in his hand our records management work will be more and more difficult. When beauty salon management software to manage member, this problem will be solved, even if the customer has one more card, we only give the customer a card. Every sum of consumption, consumption of time, amount, the staff who record is very clear, if the customer still don't trust, can print out the receipts, let customers sign, give the customer a reservation. Can dispel the doubts of customers. Third, inventory data at a glance if your store often is not the words of inventory, you have to use beauty salon management software in the inventory management functions to manage the sales products and store employees recipients of consumption products, will be clear at a glance. And cashier order as long as the sales of the products, the supply of products will be a corresponding amount minus, realize the automatic recording, there will be no leakage of situation. Fourth, the chain management is no longer a problem if you are a chain store members want to when you another to spend in the store, you can't support this operation. But with this, it is not about beauty salon management software, as long as you use the function of chain management, customer in another shop can have the same card, customers convenient consumption, consumption is fast, you will have more sales. Fifth, preferential information at any time, push marketing easier with beauty salon management software, you can use the WeChat small programs, to qualified members to push a coupon or discount activity, can also in member's birthday or holiday, send blessings or preferential information, show its warmth of the service.
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