Beverage store grow under the outbreak, smart cash register enhance ability to resist risks

by:Fdata     2020-05-09
During outbreaks, many netizens say miss the most is can eat hot pot for a cup of milk tea. Even in PeiSongYe developed today, is called a hot pot delivery cost not a few, called a cup of milk tea take-away is achievable. Many drinks milk tea shop without contact distribution delivery business in epidemic period very hot, ushered in the first round of retaliatory consumption. According to the outbreak of the new champions league released in early march this year China's catering industry development present situation and the trend under the report shows that 93% of the catering enterprises briefly closed during the epidemic period, and shutdown enterprises accounted for 7%, there are a lot of catering enterprises is milk tea shop, these drinks coffee shop. During the Spring Festival, many food and beverage outlets close to 90%. Although many milk tea shop and drink shop management support stores with take-away business, but milk tea shop and drink shop facing the biggest difficulty is the human cost pressure. The 2019 China's catering industry report pointed out that the restaurant industry average human cost and rental cost of meal enterprise revenue 32. 67%. Beverage store industry will restore how to relieve human capital and improve traffic become drink shop, coffee, milk tea shop to stay shutdown important topic. In fact, beverage stores to return to work time is the fastest. It drinks and milk tea shop goods item unit price is low, lower cost of customer purchase decisions. And no food production is the production and transport complex, spend time shorter. The store training assistant, need to teach the basic steps and how to use the cash register operation ( Best beverage store cash register need to be able to support each big kitchen printer after delivery platform, can have the interface connection, drink label printers and other equipment) Can work, corresponding to the outbreak of the compressive capacity is also higher. In addition, now many drinks store also through cash register through membership data, pull the repo rate, can understand customer's preferences, sweetness, temperature, ingredients, such as, for example, enters sells saves the stock prediction. Like sky wave intelligent beverage store TPS680 the cash register, cashier function can support a variety of intelligence, including multiple order take-out platform, flicking code order, payment, coupon test coupons, vouchers are the member trade ( Register, top-up, invoicing, preferential) Custom trade a variety of ways, even more rich interface, can connect coffers, beverage labels after mark, kitchen printer, etc. , can also shop online remote management, real-time checking their business and financial statements anytime and anywhere. Sky wave intelligent register TPS680 in recent years, liquor stores, milk tea shop. Total scale in 2019, the Chinese tea market reached 400 billion yuan, is in a rapid growth trend. Though because of the outbreak hit, but drink milk tea shops by delivery business and intelligent register online online, widen the channel of the business. Survival period according to the tea epidemic report shows that 80% of the loss of the stores is controllable. In the future, beverage and milk tea shop will usher in a new round of development.
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