Big data service the epidemic monitoring and power a farmers' market at ease, rest assured, and sincere business

by:Fdata     2020-05-04
Foreword: build the trust market big data management system to analyze farmers' market crowd behavior, within the scope of monitoring crowds gathered, not wearing a mask, cough, sneeze, behavior, etc. , can also be automatic alarm system. Since early 2020, wuhan coronavirus outbreaks, as researchers focus on the farmer's market has also been huge impact, build the wisdom of the beauty of science and technology as a professional leading farmers' solution provider, in recently, build the technology using thermal imaging temperature screening, facial recognition technology and large data statistical analysis system to help farmers market completely won the battle and epidemic prevention, help farmers market safe return to work. 1, 360 - degree panoramic thermodynamic statistical analysis of monitoring traffic meter real time record a period of time the movement of the customer base, achieve customer base on the time dimension density test, through on the mobile terminal application system can real-time monitor any dynamic in the market. The outbreak is the command, control and prevention is responsibility. Through building the passenger flow meter, crowds gathered in the market, not wearing a mask, cough, sneeze, real-time alarm behavior, and so on and so forth, greatly reducing the possibility of the spread of the virus. Build the passenger flow meter to 3 million pixels, the picture resolution of 1280 * 980, at the same time also supports local recording, tracking back on market information. 2, big market to build the data statistical analysis technology wisdom farmers' big data center related colleagues for wuhan outbreaks, development of epidemic prevention and control data monitoring system, to the farmer's market for the large data statistical analysis service, as the main source of infection ( Personnel) Screening, tracking, control, isolation and epidemic trend prediction contribution to the development of the science and technology strength, epidemic prevention and control for the farmers' market to emergency analysis and provides a scientific, accurate support. For farmers' markets during the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the planning in advance of science and technology company, research and development enterprise workers, daily system, by using big data technology, realize farmers' markets return to work after the real-time monitoring of personnel information, the first time to the outbreak of suspected under observation, diagnosis, medicine and other related important data is classified and display to related department for subsequent processing, help farmers markets epidemic prevention and control and the farmer's market return to work rehabilitation.
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