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Biometric face recognition and self-service access at airport border checkpoints


The development of face recognition and temperature detection smart devices has improved the identity verification methods compared with many traditional manual inspection channels. 

Through comprehensive self-service inspection biometric face recognitionsystem, not only the labor of manual verification is liberated, but also the security and the order of entry and exit are fundamentally improved. Taking the face recognition self-service inspection channel equipment in common scenes such as airports, high-speed railway stations, metro stations, tourist attractions, schools, etc., it fundamentally improves the quality and speed of inspections for entering and exiting persons, making the traditional manual inspection methods more intelligent and precision. 

Of course, the face identification recognition self-checking equipment is not only used in common scenarios such as high-speed railway station but has been widely used in communities, parks, office buildings, rental houses, concerts, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, game centers, and other public places. The whole world is affected by the new intelligent technology.


It’s reported that in order to welcome the upcoming CIIE (China International Import Expo), the Shanghai airport border inspection station relied on the experience in the construction of the inspection system for immigration persons. It took more than a month to build the self-service border inspections at Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminals 1 and 2. In the duty area, 15 self-service inspection channels for staff have been built to enable face recognition self-service inspection access, and the staff can complete the "face-verification" and border customs clearance in only 3 seconds. Are you still questioning the role of face recognition self-checking inspection access?

It is understood that all staff of the entry and exit station must be inspected by the border in accordance with the law. Before this, the staff at the airport needed to swipe their pass card (or ID card) to check whether the card is authentic and valid. After passing the inspection, the police personal checked and verified it’s belonged to the cardholders. Nowadays, and the face recognition self-service inspection channel equipment is automatically opened and released. The self-service inspection channel with simple and built-in "precise face recognition + high-sensitivity anti-tailing alarm" system not only greatly improves the airport border checkpoint efficiency, but also realizes non-contact safety inspection and precise identification, and reduces the risk of pathophoresis.

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