'Bo' double screen touch the cash register, can brush face in the advantage of physical stores!

by:Fdata     2020-07-28
Cash register is the necessary auxiliary equipment, modern business enterprise the cash register is mainly used in department stores, supermarkets, chain stores, hotels, restaurants, bookstores, gas stations, canteen, etc. And touch screen in combination with the cash register POS cash register software, adopting one-piece computer, the combination of external show, cashbox and so on, constitute a perfect advanced touch screen smart cash register system, comprehensive, cash register of touch screen on the market, the double screen touch of, when the cash register has the following advantages: 1, the touch screen by the touch of modern control technology, the cash register add colour can make the employee's work, improve the staff's work enthusiasm. Also reduced the operating time of staff at the same time, improve efficiency. 2, touch screen, the cash register is a great integrated hardware and software, comparing with the traditional pos machine has great advantages in the space utilization, can help enterprises to create a comfortable leisure and shopping environment, enhance the level of service for the enterprise. 3, one-piece touchscreen cash register in the aspect of energy saving is more outstanding, is 70% of the energy consumption of conventional computer. For enterprises to save costs. 4, touch screen cash register can make the enterprise the overall image of ascension, the application of the new technology can convey information to the potential customers, virtually also made advertising for enterprises, improve enterprise's overall image, cultivate customer loyalty. 5, touch screen cash register its unique unibody design, for the enterprise to solve the problems in equipment management, the traditional computer easily by a thief to take away the memory, CPU and other important components, one-piece computer can avoid the embarrassment. 6, in the traditional POS cash registers, touch screen not only add the brush can be used to face the cash register to pay 3 d dynamic cameras, support WeChat, alipay, bank CARDS, qr code and other settlement function, auxiliary and various software ( Query, display, etc. ) Multi-usage, excellent quality and reasonable price. What's the advantage of the cash register for touch screen sharing for you here, today touch screen don't need to use the cash register input device such as a keyboard or mouse to operate, fully accomplished by touch input. Touch screen is the cash register on the display surface to install a touch screen, can receive touch input signals such as induction, through internal circuit after converted into a corresponding signal made by built-in software system interface reaction, can replace the traditional mechanical panel button mouse and keyboard operation.
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