Bookstore system: integrates industry fiscal management, effectively reduce the labor costs!

by:Fdata     2020-08-11
As electricity rise, people's reading habits and consumption pattern, great changes have taken place from around the entity bookstore to visits online bookstore, would buy from physical books to recommend buying e-books large data, KOL recommended, book list, new technologies continue to emerge, and marketing activities emerge in endlessly, continuous extrusion line entity stores operating space. Due to the change of market and consumer scenario, we should be how to deal with and use of cashier system can help again! What do we do? 1, the member data integration, which is the lifeblood of modern bookstore operation, the traditional entity card cannot easily to satisfy readers, many entities membership card into a deep sleep state. How to use mobile terminal and other terminals to activate these members, promote interaction enthusiasm of the members, this is a lot of bookstore is facing problem. Cashier system can conduct online member activities, marketing; Bookstore can through long-term repeated consumption, many scenes of multiple formats, preemption member consumption entrance. 2, online payment data integration bookstore peak season starts mainly concentrated in the summer and winter vacations and season, the bigger the scale of stores, the greater the traffic, and the higher requirements for the efficiency of the cashier. The software system, support bank CARDS, WeChat, pay treasure, such as the mainstream payment methods, and code to pay, do not need to change, improve the efficiency of cashier. By small program, at the same time the reader can also experience self-help shopping settlement, there are no lines, fast and convenient. In addition, you can store sales situation, best-selling books rankings, such as sales data, so that the management view at any time. 3, financial business integration system through using the business and financial links, integrates industry wealth management. Procurement, sales, and other business data real-time synchronization to the financial system, data accuracy, higher real-time performance, effectively reduce the labor costs.
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