Brush brush face pay equipment can face they can code payment

by:Fdata     2020-08-08
Now we go out to take a mobile phone, ensure that mobile phone has signal, what's wrong with the one thousand mobile phone, can appear the point of the horns of a dilemma; Or you pay in the supermarket, hands inconvenience, brush face pay can perfect to avoid this kind of problem, you just need to brush a face to complete the payment. Watching a video is a few days ago, a person to stay in a hotel, because without the identity card, service personnel can't let him in, and with brush face pay is much more simple, only need to brush a face, payment and authentication at the same time, not because no money, no id card, did not carry a cell phone, convenient, practical, quick brush face equipment are used the 3 d structure light camera, ensure accurate identification, photo model can by identifying, to ensure the safety of the user's account, and brush the face equipment also supports code payment. The answer is yes, the brush face equipment can effective docking, most of the cashier system on the market, it is mainly on the basis of the original system increase a way of payment, does not affect the original system. Technically, brush face to pay off the phone, APP, passwords and other medium, USES the non-inductive recognition technology, brush face means a safe, fast and convenient; In promoting capacity improvements to lower costs, equipment prices are in line with market expectations. In addition, the giants, alipay and WeChat for grab market, has begun subsidy wars, pay treasure to talking the unlimited investment in the future, equipment subsidies (100 market. Predictably, the next three to five years, the payment will be as popular as qr code Chinese brush face more than 9000 individual industrial and commercial households, small micro market main body size. Now is the time to seize market, brush face of payment can be used in: shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, foot bath, beauty, hairdressing, scenic spots, hotels, schools, large chain from mother to child, KTV, hospital, subway, bus, department stores, and so on, as long as there is a gathering place for consumption can be installed.
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