Brush brush face pay how broad market 丨 into face payment industry!

by:Fdata     2020-05-05
At the end of 2019 the whole brush application scope is more and more widely in the face, brush the face entrance guard, brush face buses, brush face express these life much application scenarios, to help people pay with brush face of utilization, industry belongs to the rising stage, the project is no problem, but you can earn money through this matter, basically see the provider of choice company project fall to the ground and experience strength, and your own ability to make resources can match. Advantage of month, as the first batch of players have reap the benefits of technological change brings, and become the brush this time pay of tuyere is one of the face. Do brush face before the payment, first of all, a clear cognition about themselves, to determine whether or not they have connections, resources, appropriate funding and basic communication skills, if you can think, want to brush a face with payment to develop, in the following several aspects. Brush the face pay is the product of new era, is the upgrade version of qr code to pay, but also the witness of country to prosperity. To pay, on his face to promote brush in the new era, we are long-term interests. With the popularity of brush face pay and new users, pay the industry prospects and revenue model favored by more and more people. Now all over the country every day brush of americans face numerous consulting, everyone with a curious, with doubt, with a vision, have to brush face payment of this industry. Here are two points method is only for reference: 1. To pay treasure to ant gold uniforms and WeChat open platform, search is the official service providers, confirm the qualification. 2. On-the-spot investigation company, real know the company scale structure, product landing field experience, whether complete, strong technical team, etc. Brush face to pay the function of the equipment in covering the sweep code, on the basis of increased brush face pay, interest rates screen advertising functions. And pay treasure, heavily subsidized WeChat market, cultivate consumption habits, both businesses and consumers will benefit from it. So comprehensive build market is only a matter of time. Just need this to businesses is a kind of similar products, so it's difficult than many other kinds goods.
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