Brush brush face pay market prospects, the future face will pay 'aggregation'?

by:Fdata     2020-06-05
In 2019, brush face pay has been developing rapidly, has become the focus of the payment industry, whether regulators, the big three, or bank, payment mechanism and single outsourcing company, have continued to focus on emerging technologies bring market opportunities. In 2020 the development of more robust, in addition with the incoming of unionpay, the market will be more hot. Brush face pay feature: detachment terminal + APP. From terminal means can from mobile phone, even without a mobile phone or mobile phone no electricity can also be done offline payment. From APP means detachment WeChat system of payment, the APP so WeChat social advantages of high frequency property ceases to exist. For consumers, can free hands, leave a mobile phone. For merchants, can improve the efficiency, Trading, member management) , cost reduction, Manpower and equipment) , digital marketing, Advertising, coupons, and now must marketing) Development history in July 2013, Finland startup Uniqul introduced the history of the first payment platform based on face recognition system. Germany hannover messe 2015, jack ma on the spot payment technology, illustrates the brush face a shock. On September 1, 2017, pay treasure to KPRO in KFC restaurant brush face payment online, is this brush face to pay the first commercial pilot on a global scale. On August 15, 2018, in the ant gold Open Day on the guangzhou station, brush face pay alipay announced officially commercial. On December 13, 2018, in Shanghai, pay treasure to open site, pay treasure to announce a new brush face payment product dragonfly. On January 16, 2019, the first brush face pay high five horses street in wenzhou, officially entered the small and medium-sized businesses. On March 19, 2019 WeChat payment partner conference was held in guangzhou. Meetings, the brush WeChat face pay equipment frog is launched. 15 years began to prepare, ali was determined to brush face pay market occupation, ali acquired many upstream and downstream firms, ali dragonfly has laid 100000 + terminal, there are about 5 k and tencent is a frog. Law of development basic equipment for 5 months period giant change, in the change, its technology is also gradually appear a certain law of development: split type development: in the case of risk control ability is strong enough, face the camera distributed in the store location, right in combination with the corresponding user transaction confirmation, brush face pay no one cashier can accomplish more convenient. Aggregate trend: according to the financial technology ( FinTech) The development plan ( 2019 - 2021) 》( Silver hair [2019] no. 209) Requirements, and promote barcode pay interconnectivity, study and formulate the barcode for the connectivity technology standard, unified pay barcode encoding rules, build a barcode for the connectivity technology system, through the barcode payment services barriers, implement different App and merchant bar code identification recognition. Support code and brush face payment business connectivity, avoid more than one tank machine, eliminate barriers giant scene. Internet financial competition heights see question essence, brush face pay is out of the private terminal, a nuclear body out of the APP, the two giants ( Ali and tencent) Payment to the same starting line, because WeChat paid by brush face on the battlefield is the core advantage: social. Sweep at the same time, also miss code payment unionpay brought opportunity, believe unionpay won't miss this good opportunity.
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