Brush brush face pay project prospect one be bright, face the method and skill of paid promotion!

by:Fdata     2020-05-05
Brush face pay already more and more widely used, commonly found in large chain supermarkets, convenience stores are brush face equipment. Brush face payments as a payment method, it brings a kind of new marketing mode of payment. And now brush face pay has access to the applet, as long as consumers to use brush face pay can be a member of the store for business is very good marketing. Pay treasure, WeChat constantly introduced preferential policies to promote the market, for investors, this is a very valuable and safety of the new project, below for everyone to know about the some brush face to pay offline promotion methods: a brush face, looking for customer resources to pay eventually return to offline, portal for offline shops, you first need to find s basic operation, understand the store and then to find the manager talk about pay in-store marketing solutions, talk about merchant's preliminary and finally make an appointment with the boss, directly into the theme, talk about the business cooperation. 2, 1, scale stores looking for shop area: preliminary estimates, flowing water and may demand 2, decoration stores class positioning: decide merchants acceptable price range 3 equipment, display the boss early style product acceptance 4, the register ( 1) Cash register: have the consciousness of professional management, for the benefit at stores management products have certain acceptance ( 2) Computer: a free time, and the general equipped with sound ( Push the plug-ins + speech) ( 3) Pure Taiwan: reconciliation concept consciousness insufficiency ( 4) No units: money first, the lower the price, the better 5, mobile payment ( 1) Sweep sweep code editor: is there a cargo yards needs ( 2) Sweep code POS: determine the current platform, accept buying equipment ( 3) Qr code: business or personal yard, head of the three, and talk about cooperation through the above cognition, understanding and judgment of the demand of the store, and then talk about cooperation and director, mentioned what I had to clear the introduction of the project, benefit and future prospect of merchants. Pay project prospects for a good brush a face, want to incoming brush face pay, must choose on service providers to cooperate, the most important is to see the ground.
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