Brush brush face payment company and face payment service provider selection analysis guide!

by:Fdata     2020-05-20
As the mature of artificial intelligence, more intelligent integrated into the daily life, the payment industry under the wave of intelligent proud with the change of the forte, paid by the tradition to the new payment, to the artificial intelligence, from traditional wallet to mobile money, from manual counting money to fingerprint identification, each iteration cycles beyond our imagination. Payment industry in China has been in the world leading position, in a lot of people didn't come and enjoy the advantages of intelligent, the new product has been replaced, don't have to worry about my wallet was stolen, need not worry have no change, have to go out with the era of mobile wallet, go out afraid of mobile phone no electricity, accidentally lost by a variety of full falls, these are simmering brush 2020 face payment shock intelligent; In policy and dividend tonics, recruit brush face pay the agent companies have sprung up, so in many brush face payment companies how to choose? Read the article, you will know. First, see the qualifications of the company, have the official qualification to recruit agents, and enjoy the corresponding welfare policy, to see the company have any official authorization to pay-and-escrow, unionpay website query, etc. Second, brush face pay as a technical project, must have after-sales service-oriented company, why? 1. After-sales service is the enterprise after the purchase of the product to the customer to provide a service that is mainly to establish a kind of a loyalty to merchants. 2. After-sales service is the extension of product quality guarantee, it is the important part of corporate brand image. 3. Good after-sales service is the important way of setting up enterprise brand and dissemination enterprise image, also is the promotion of the competitiveness of the enterprise. 4. Brush face of payment is a new project, pre-sale how late platform operation and to promote the market agent will certainly encounter many problems, there is a problem, should be resolved immediately to the agent. So you will think that after-sale service is not important? Visible brush face payment agent on unreliable must see whether the company has a perfect after-sale service system. Brush face after payment agent how to component team began to project is a part of important, it determines whether you can long-term survival in this industry, the following look at some of my views: 1. Market environment analysis, since you do brush face payment agent, the starting point of this is very important to know the inside of the environment is the first step. 2. Do way, although the agent is a person, you but didn't say you are not allowed to look for a person to do together, conditional word can form a team, helping each other each other. 3. Work attitude, the world has no des only slacker don't work hard. So, do a good brush face payment company, is a service-oriented company, also with alipay WeChat service definition is fit! I believe that a qualified entrepreneurs will understand the importance of judgment partners, including the choice of joining agent.
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