Brush brush face payment system to build their own brands, face pay business to join the new wave!

by:Fdata     2020-08-14
2020 will brush up face pay business to join the new wave, for entrepreneurs, now or never. It can be said that brush brush face face is, payment is paid, brush face pay relatively more complex thing. Now, pay treasure to through the accumulation of its own technology, take the lead in solving the technical problem, this is also the ant gold under financial open another achievement in the field of science and technology. Previously, pay treasure to qr code between several cities have begun to get through jiangsu bus, a few days ago also contributed to two mobile payment APP in northern Europe. Brush face is mobile payment of a new generation of payment, as a duopoly mobile payment WeChat and pay treasure to account for the third party payment by more than 90% market share, the two are vigorously promoting brush face of pay, but want to be brush face payment agent, there are two ways, one is to find WeChat alipay service provider to another is become WeChat pay treasure providers directly. Small make up details as service providers, service providers need to company qualification and need to build your own brand system is summarized as the following: first, to build its own brand is to promote their own platform, I felt like I was doing a career, and gradually expand the platform, can make money in the late point will also be increased. Second, the cost of the investment size. Three, different permissions: scaffolding system with more privileges, such as advertising, system function, the docking of the new channels ( Part needs to have a source of support) 。 Four, ease in China merchants, set up system can go do the interests of the various investment plan, to attract more easily. In a nutshell is most of them are not the same, and to choose according to individual demand. Is not to say that the scaffolding system must be the good is not the same as the degree of risk and resources is not the same as would be different. With the popularity of qr code to pay, pay another payment brush face also gradually come into our lives. Since this year, brush face pay roll out gradually in major stores, restaurants, consumers shopping in payment, need not open a cellular phone qr code, just take a look at the payment devices, can easily complete the payment.
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