Brush brush or not, is not only a 'face' problem

by:Fdata     2020-06-18
Mobile payment we have not unfamiliar, brush face is also widely used in many application scenarios, as to brush a face + payment, this year's third-party payment market gradually developed landing scenario. It is important to note that in many large business super, restaurant, hotel and other places of consumption after landing in the round, currently, more and more small community supermarket, premises, roadside TanTing seems to have become the focus of the mobile payment for. So the question becomes: what are you in the shop in the face of those so-called pay no need to brush a face on a cell phone, brush brush or not? Offline store open brush face to pay a few days ago, a friend to chat with a reporter tells a little story. He bought a drink in a small roadside store, the boss warmly recommend his face pay using a brush. Is about a few dollars, as a result, the other side brush face pay special let me warmly, said that as long as the brush face will have a red envelope. The friend felt very curious, so a small shop also can brush a face? So he stood in front of a built-in PAD display cashier equipment, stretched to face and take photos, instant face recognition, and offered him the alipay account, confirm payment after success. But then the owner to a friend made a sudden in the heart, you don't have to take mobile phones to buy things, after the brush face directly to the store. Friends worry that a listen to this: that is to say, his face information has already been system to identify and storage, will there be leakage hidden trouble? Myself just for the camera is not required to blink, shaking his head, if someone with their pictures on the PAD can pay for success? The owner if you have a camera filmed all pay user's facial image, will with a series of question marks in the future, the friend to the boss put forward its own doubts, but the other party has failed to answer a question. In the press, it is evident that these professional problem is also a difficult boss. But for ordinary users, although the brush face payment can save to pay phone code link, you can directly to pay, but in the face of personal privacy and security issues, you will have concerns and worries. At present in many supermarkets, store for promotion of brush face pay, once the brush once ( Face) After, really no longer need to mobile phone, this from the payment link is to simplify the process. But from the reality, after nearly a year of promoting, the acceptance of the users for brush face pay still seems to be not high. Part for this, the reporter visited the offline shops in Beijing, including a large business super, chain convenience store also has a small community, fruit premises, users use brush face to pay the cashier said the number of times is not much, the vast majority of people prefer to use a mobile phone code. A brand chain bakery cashier tells a reporter: few brush face, not a 10 people. Guest or used to scan code, we often remind the guest brush face can have the discount and a red envelope, but most people will still scan code to pay. In order to understand the user experience and feelings, random reporter interviewed a number of consumers are shopping. A young office worker not used for brush face said: before the recommendation of the clerk used to brush a face, but the Angle of the machine is not very good, I still have to bend down on the face, feel the strange posture, especially behind the cash register and a lot of people waiting to check out, blame embarrassed. Feeling when he emphasized brush face recognition speed, not as fast as sweep code, the key is somewhat a dime for ( A red envelope) Also do not have what meaning ah. Using experience, involves the facial recognition technology security and privacy issues, also is the topic that users are most concerned about. Recently, after all, suitable abundant abundant nest has just seen several students take photos can unlock events. To this, there are many users in communication, said pay to brush a face behind the security and privacy concerns. Pay for equipment safety and privacy, the reporter specially consulted the ant gold, the other party to make the following explanation: alipay in brush face technology adopts a dynamic living than gathering information method, with the photo is absolutely can't understand, even the twins can identify facial information. Perhaps, for ali and tencent such giants, they have the confidence and ability to protect personal information security and privacy of users. But from the point at this stage, whether the use of user experience or for security and privacy concerns, are brush block face pay promotional key points. Intriguingly, the Internet giant tried subsidies tactics in product promotion, in promoting the brush face pay to offline penetration effect how? Companies malicious subsidies, users do not try out as early as in last December, alipay is officially launched the dragonfly brush face offline payment products. It aims to let users accustomed to sweep yards pay farewell phone, directly face can complete the payment. For consumers to rest easy. So, in the past in the process of promotion and code to pay, subsidies may be the most simple way, but to brush a face, perhaps to allows users to rest assured will own face on the camera is the more important things.
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