Brush face 2019 began to enter the market, convenient at the same time, also worry about security issues. The future development of how?

by:Fdata     2020-05-08
Recently, we can see the brush in the size of the shop face payment application, in particular, the ubiquitous convenience store, almost all have to pay for the first time to brush a face to favorable advertising, don't know if you have experienced brush face to pay? What's the process of payment? Today let's talk to brush face to pay. Brush face convenient payment, shopping payment don't need to use a mobile phone, just take a look at the payment of equipment, can complete the payment. Since this year, brush face pay roll out gradually in shops, restaurants, consumers and businesses while feel fresh and curious, is also worried about the risk of personal information leakage. At present the equipment utilization rate is low, the development trend of future brush face pay? Information security industry association about blade came down in Shanghai said, biometric identification technology application in the field of the Internet, as trade payment certification, there is risk. Brush face pay is the basic principle of the terminal server to compare the information with the cloud, whether information is consistent. If cloud biological information database, it will not only bring to account security risks, can also cause has uniqueness of personal information confidential. Brush face compared with fingerprints, password, advantage is to remove the phone this medium, but the lack of medium, also means that human face information easier. Brush face payment should not only convenient, more safety. Fudan university, said sun lijian, director of the center for financial research this aspect need self-discipline, enterprises should to the collected personal information is encrypted storage, also need to be clear and to regulate the use of user information purpose and scope, avoid the consumer information by excessive use; Also need to strengthen the supervision on the other hand, in the field of financial science and technology, innovation walk in front of regulation is often the case, this requires regulatory departments timely tracking innovation as well as the problems, to update and strengthen supervision mechanism. Payment has not been popular at present, brush face different markets, consumers based on personal identity information security problems of worry, haven't got the identity of the general public, but brush face payment is convenient and quick we are undeniable. At this time of AI, small make up brush face pay believe the future will have a better development.
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