Brush face can shopping, really on the mode of payment

by:Fdata     2020-06-06
Payment along with the development of science and technology, in recent years, great changes have taken place. The past went out to buy buy buy, pocket cash on chuai, then just take phone can easily complete the payment, now, and out of the black brush face payment technology. Recently, in fuzhou and self-service machines of supermaket, brush face payment system has centralized online. This kind of payment is by unreliable? On the market at present, in addition to the traditional the cashier to pay channel, also opened up a self-help pay channels. Customer after commodity bar code scanning, will pop up several kinds of payment, one of which is to brush the face. Reporter found at the scene, many people choose the more convenient payment. Reporter noticed that from the PM on the brush face pay until the last payment successfully, it only took less than 10 seconds, and the whole process does not need to take out a cellular phone, very convenient. However, for brush face payment security, the citizens have different views. Some people think that, no problem; But there are also many people said that was not comfortable with this kind of black science and technology, will not easily to try. According to the reporter's interview and observation, the young man is generally easy to accept the new thing, some of the older consumers tend to have a variety of concerns. So, brush face pay by unreliable, brush machine in face there the possibility of mistakes? Reporters prepared a few props, see under different circumstances, brush face payment functions will be affected. Reporters on the device first opened a facial recognition function, then brush can be clicked on face payment interface, cameras started to grab facial features. Soon, through the brush face pay, reporters successfully bought a bottle of drink, the whole process is not more than 10 seconds. Open the brush face payment functions, in convenient, its security and privacy, and how? Such as photos, or others to print photos, we can shopping success? Subsequently, the reporter on a piece of A4 paper, print out the head, slowly put before the camera, did not succeed the first time, adjust the Angle, and try again, use printed photos, are not able to read the success, it seems there is some security. Photo doesn't work, that in what kind of hairstyle? Reporter for a wig, look at the recognition of the success of the machine. Their hair styles changed, identify, then wears dark glasses or wear masks, the machine can also successfully recognized customer himself? The experimental results show that wear a wig or sunglasses, the machine can accurately identify the identity of users, and successfully to pay. Brush and use pictures or wear masks, face equipment is not proof by the user's identity, then refused to trade. So, this kind of brush face pay principle exactly is what? Professionals, it is the use of computers for facial features, through the characteristics of the similarity, to identify whether the user with the electronic wallet owner is the same person. Because the mask covering most of the facial features value, cameras can't identify the target identity, wearing masks is therefore impossible to brush a face. At present, brush face pay use cameras have two or even more cameras, including determination of three dimensional, also has the determination of living, this is the reason why brush with photos cannot be stolen. Technical personnel said, twins or multiple births, the current technology may not be able to accurately distinguish between recognition, but brush face system will automatically verifies the secondary, required to enter your personal information, such as, for example, to improve the accuracy. Overall, the current brush face pay is comparatively mature technology, citizens can be at ease use.
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