Brush face challenge the payment

by:Fdata     2020-08-07
Brush face pay must be the user to remove mask to recognition, this also let the brush face pay devastated in the outbreak. The current national epidemic situation is still very serious, in view of the recent national new confirmed cases falling for two days, academician zhong nanshan comment for epidemic inflection point problem, he says the current outbreak did not reach a turning point. In order to contain the outbreak spread, further completes the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of infection, major cities actively response province public health emergency response, enter public staff must wear masks. Each big commercial super act quickly, many citizens have to measuring temperature to shopping, wearing a mask. Before the outbreak, more and more business super application on the face brush device, thanks to brush a face payment technology becoming more mature. In addition, brush a face also applies to a specific payment scenarios, such as: the scenic area, the railway station or airport, etc. When payment, directly to the user for face recognition, validation can pay through, the entire journey without the use of mobile phones. Brush a face as a new payment way, bring so much convenient for users and merchants. For brush face also therefore had become service providers, agents and subversion and code acquisition staff heart, POS and other traditional payment trends and the future. And now, it is faced with crisis of is the scene.
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