Brush face different payment and other biometric identification technology, the technical identification in non-contact way, very convenient, it is the biggest advantage

by:Fdata     2020-07-25
, is also the biggest potential risks. As the biological features of human face data has uniqueness, by typing in the computer, from information collection, analysis and calculation to save, to different extent in different phases the risk of information leakage. Especially the payment also blocked payment tool or medium, such as credit CARDS, qr code under the condition of free of visa-free, once the criminals access to relevant data, face will be unprotected payment code, let criminals steal brush from a distance is more convenient. At the same time, the man's appearance affected by factors such as time, environment, makeup look easy to change, if the recognition criteria will not be too tight to carry out the technology used, if too loose, can't guarantee the security, and related standards and natural lag behind the technological development, this is the brush face payment must cope with the security challenges. In addition, compared with a password or fingerprint payment, brush face pay subjective intention is true of the more difficult to control, in the case of disputes, how to carry out the judicial discretion is also a new challenge. In fact, the regulators to brush a face pay has built up close attention. Slurry sampling of the People's Bank of China, director of Li Weizeng said publicly that pay for face recognition application, because there are a many risks in the online open network environment, the application conditions are not mature, so few brush payment application will face one of the online payment. Online and offline application scenarios should be careful to distinguish, and steady. According to the survey, and the popularity of qr code payment process is very different, to brush a face payment acceptance, three or four line city than a user, second-tier cities; The elderly more frequently used than young people. From the side shows on the Internet, a more familiar, second-tier cities of young users pay security concerns to brush a face. A practitioners declined to be named, said to solve the pain points of brush face payment, together to the society. First of all, should guide the industry to establish a unified standard, built a dam to protect the privacy of users. As soon as possible, perfect the relevant management measures, and unified a corresponding safety technical standard, test certification standards, business rules, and consumers' rights and interests protection mechanism, strict brush face payment submitted for examination and approval procedures and business system. Second, regulators should brush face pay should be brought into the daily monitoring, data transmission, internal control, as well as the larger risk business to closely monitor and predict the potential risks should be timely warning and even stop, to prevent the occurrence and spread of risk. To brush the face pay related cases, judicial departments should be timely decision, bring into play the function of typical judicial cases of social education. Technology development platform, should further intensify technology research, to find and make up for the current brush face payment platform technology gaps in operation, and improve the technical security payment platform. And take the initiative to establish and improve the risk compensation fund, insurance plans, emergency disposal and risk compensation mechanism, to ensure the safety of consumers money and information. Mobile payment is one of the important entrance, offline digital economy to pay for the starting point of the whole domain, all link digital management is the inevitable trend. Brush face pay is good, but the universal time is still not to, especially the policy and information security technology and the system structure is not yet mature, it is difficult to obtain the public trust, no amount of subsidies and promotion are difficult to achieve rapid paving. From the perspective of a sweep code spread development time, brush face pay still has a long way to go. In the future, who can pay first to get the public's trust, cultivate the habit of brush a face pay, may be able to once again at the gate payment forms.
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