Brush face equipment is not only a simple transaction settlement tool, also can be for users, reasonable arrangement time, for business operation management control costs,

by:Fdata     2020-06-06
Improve the efficiency of cashier, easier to let the side links to C and B, simplify payments to register to the member to the digital path, is also helping new retail innovation, to better promote pratt &whitney financial fall to the ground. The scene with giant mobile payment, sweep the yard layout at the same point, is in order to step ahead of the layout of new retail formats, achieved important voice. To relevant personage, under the premise of new retail the trend of The Times, don't want to miss any giant brush a face, want comprehensive deeply involved in the offline the digital transformation in the retail industry, the wave or will be intensified. Market exchange according to reporter understanding, at present the domestic with the body of the brush face payment services including commercial Banks, non-bank payment institutions, such as bank card clearing houses. Divided into main pattern to commercial bank, alipay and tenpay wealth represented closed application mode, and cloud flash with silver-colored paid for on behalf of the general pattern of networking. Relevant data show that pay in the market, WeChat and pay treasure to occupy 90% of the country's market share. Back in 2015 the Spring Festival, WeChat payment use 10. 100 million Spring Festival gala red envelopes to send and receive the amount, refresh the impression of the national for mobile payment, also officially opened the prelude of competing with pay treasure to the cauldron. Since then, inevitably, increasingly fierce market competition, from the point of the results, benefit from the strong social system, locked WeChat successfully from the hand of the alipay won the big cake, the volume reached a balance node, at loggerheads. In the current offline payment environment, qr code to pay is the mainstream, WeChat pay will certainly be one of the best among them. Pay treasure to reverse the situation, it seems that eschewed tencent's sharpness, focus on to pay the way to change direction, efforts to create a new battlefield to offline. In December 2018, pay treasure to take the lead in put out lightweight brush face payment terminals, started in the field of large-scale commercial monkey enclosure. WeChat pay followed, however, officially launched in March the following year the brush face payment device. Shortly thereafter, the two also has introduced the updated version of the payment of equipment, products for standard comparison, explosive, brief calm also has stirred pay industry. Update product rapid iteration is prologue, subsidy wars and offline laid is the main battlefield. A shop owner told reporters that businessmen and payment enterprises is not only the cooperation relations, when business recommendation, encourage users to brush face payment until after a certain amount, still can obtain extra subsidies. In April 2019, pay treasure has said the next three years will invest 3 billion brush face pay subsidies, in early September, and change the plan to subsidies without limit. WeChat aspect also clearly don't want to will pay future adjoining the face brush, announced before March 31, 2020, to brush a face pay equipment will provide subsidies of up to 1540 yuan each. All parties are no longer hesitate, high subsidies, industry to compete for the market, brush face pay first officially open. But draught hits, who also dare not guarantee ranks the first echelon, and never lack of others on the market. In October 2019, China unionpay was formally into the bureau. Although started late, but the promotion of joint at the beginning of the more than 60 institutions, including six big Banks, more in the following brush face with WeChat pay pay terminal complete aggregation, launch its brush face payment device. Through the embedded two sets of accounts system, brush unionpay face give WeChat pay can choose by the user, namely a face brush two wallets in the same equipment. Obviously, under strong wind unionpay WeChat played together, face to the future brush to pay market is a clear signal, after the terminals of the distinct barriers broken by quietly. Test with brush face pays certainly can bring chain and trade the change of scene, in the retail, catering, health care, broad application in the field of transportation, and satisfy people's emerging consumer demand, the future development will be really substantial. But, although a lot of businesses are changed into the face recognition device, and in the process of practical application, brush the face pay but is ignored, seems to want to upset the qr code to pay, become mainstream, the model has yet to be market validation. At first few customers are willing to pay try to brush a face, now because there is knock favourable activity, so slightly higher utilization rate. A convenience store cashier li Yang told reporters that users don't want to use brush face pay is because there are some concerns, even knock is favorable, they are more accustomed to using code payment. Brush a face, I see no need, why not pay a little more slowly, and not particularly hungry. A young consumers pay was sweeping yards to reporters revealed its brush are reluctant to face the truth, whether the equipment by official authorization, faces and the information such as mobile phone Numbers are illegal acquisition is unknown to the user, such as, in his view, superposition of various uncertain factors, is much less than the sweeping code security.
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