Brush face era! Brush face pay raise consumer experience, customers improve the efficiency of merchants cashier.

by:Fdata     2020-06-03
What is the brush face age? Brush brush face is shopping, open face, brush to punch in the face, brush face to withdraw money, brush the face ticket station, brush face take delivery, ma said after id need to carry, passport phone without, unrestricted by face around the world, two ma subsidies now, hope you must have a certain! We went to merchants promote brush face intelligent device, the following points should be clear, said, speak clearly! (1) brush brush face era, face to fully replace sweep code payment, all businesses must be, must be installed, because code is about to withdraw from the Chinese market of payment, will soon be past! Or scan code upgrade to brush a face payment! ! Since our own brush face technology has far more than the Japanese sweep code! Than it is more convenient, more efficient, more scientific, safer, more reliable, behind two more and more important, more meaningful, the brush face wider utilization rate, the bigger, small to a small child, big to the older man, that is, people can use special convenient, convenient! And sweep code just young people, for children and the old man is old machine, or functional machine! Up with a qr code, so, can't use. Future cash flow, which is less and less cash transactions, are all digital currency era. (2) is installed two horses, i. e. , ma, ma, 13 billion, double throw money subsidies, (take market promotion, the merchant brush face of machinery and equipment, installation is two horses pay subsidies, is almost free, but customers to use brush face machine, brush a face when shopping, two horses and chip in random to give customer free of charge, to boost your sales, so, I'm afraid only two horses can capricious! ! This is similar to that drops a taxi promotion subsidies, subsidies that drivers, passengers and subsidies, this is the double horse subsidy model, to promote China's own brush face technology! After the 13 billion subsidy activity, pay all the expense of their installation, and nothing will not less, customer also does not have a free of charge discount shopping! (3) we face brush machine is very powerful, not only can brush face support payments, also supports scan code ( Because esau code there is) Sweep, sweep support spend bai, credit CARDS, unionpay, flash, cloud, etc. , so, one pace reachs the designated position, every step in place! (4) the main is that it is a national political achievements of the people's livelihood projects, how to say, because governments can control all kinds of brush face technology to crack down on crime, blow to control all kinds of financial and economic crime, hit the control of various're incapable, let the world, not let wangbu, let the world less routine, it can also improve the credibility of good credit market! ! So, don't look down upon the brush face, everything can be reversed transmission, integrity and legal concept! If any violation, breach, he will hit a wall everywhere, really difficult! So, it is relatively civilized society to another level. Pay treasure to brush a face pay is based on artificial intelligence, biological recognition, 3 d sensing, big data risk control technology, a new implementation of the new payment. Users without having to open the phone, with brush face to complete the payment. Brush face pay use, effectively improving the user's consumption experience, improve the efficiency of the merchant's cashier.
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