Brush face 'failure', the payment mechanism to accelerate the meet the demand of online!

by:Fdata     2020-06-20
New coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control GongJianQi, payment industry measures and resistance to disease more adequately, however, pay the power, before the outbreak caused much impact to the payment industry this problem also caused many to pay the attention of the industry. Beijing commercial daily reporter recently interviewed pay agency practitioners, promotion, service providers, industry experts, trying to understand the epidemic under the real payment industry status quo. Brush face business draw water in previous years on various merchants can badad (all the year round Not his real name) , but also held at home at this time of the year. Started to anxiety of badad told Beijing business newspaper reporter, he has worked for the company is a pay value-added Internet technology in the field of business operators, and he is mainly responsible for pay about face brush, sweep the yard ground pay some of the business. This is a dying industry, especially the brush face payment, cost is high, the promotion difficulty is big, many companies are doing & lsquo; Death & rsquo; , promote the early as long as the strategic direction a little problem, can't hold on to his many companies generally. Roof leak when overnight rain, every New Year's day is tough, but the outbreak of the outbreak, but also become many small companies the catalyst of bankruptcy. According to badad described above, there are a lot of industry pay service, because affected by offline merchants out of business, business is affected, basic in the shutdown state. And his company, but because of the early spread too big volume, and cooperation with many large business super, so now basically is to do some merchants stock of communication and coordination work. To tell the truth, the outbreak is influential for us, but it is not deadly. Because our cooperation merchants mainly catering and business super, although catering businesses affected, but the supermarket business is too good, basically can offset impact on our overall. So even if no new businesses we can income a month tens of thousands of pieces. Fortunately, badad frowned slightly. In the face of such situation, badad helpless, the only can do is to do a good job of stock business, waiting for the outbreak. Similar to badad situation, but the difference is that as a payment service provider, head, rhonin ( Not his real name) Concern is heavier. He told Beijing business newspaper reporter, his company is mainly do offline single promotion, merchants also mainly catering and retail industry, starting in 2019, the company began to strategic push heavy brush face to pay, will rock originally, but the outbreak came off guard, cause business is also affected by a lot. The current brush face pay has been largely stalled. Rhonin to Beijing commercial daily reporter revealed that the water source is mainly qr code to pay before us, brush face payments than 1/5. In November and December last year, the average daily water is $4, but after the outbreak, a lot of offline store can not open, cause now average $1 can't breakthrough, alipay about offline brush face payments also had stopped, we were going to push back the brush face pay arguably & lsquo; Draw water & rsquo; 。 Pay agency online survival anxiety than pay industry value-added service provider, in a line to pay executives from personnel of course of feelings is more rational. Chen is a lurching in the payment industry for more than ten years of senior practitioners, the current overseas payment company NETSTARS as chief technology officer. From the perspective of the scene of pay, he notes, is the biggest impact in the short term scene sweep yards pay offline, online scene will appear because of the problems of logistics, but there is no offline the impact of the big scene. Among them, the rising brush face pay seriously damage due to generally wear a face mask. In the past two years, pay the giants in the brush cheek by jowl face payment market. Outbreak of draught resistance, however, lockout, trading bluffs, stagnation of subsidies, the outbreak brought a fatal blow to brush a face to pay, the impact on the giants is also obvious. WeChat payer for Beijing commercial daily reporter responded that the current outbreaks is the weight of the country, in order to guarantee the safety and health of the users and merchants, to help control the pneumonia outbreak, WeChat pay recommend wearing masks, on line shopping consumption, use payment code. The WeChat pay has on December 31, 2019 to stop the brush face pay marketing activities. For the outbreak of brush company face the influence of the payment business, pay treasure, WeChat payment has not been given positive reply.
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